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The deregulation of electricity has given Houston residents the power to choose their preferred electricity provider. It has also brought the emergence of several electric companies all looking to get a share of your business. In fact, there are over 50 electricity companies in the Houston area all offering different electric plans.

With this high number of electricity companies, how do you identify the best one? What should you look out for? There are a number of things that you as a consumer need to consider when searching for the best electricity provider and these includes; the rate per kilowatt-hour, the duration or contract period, the type of the electricity contract (whether it’s a variable or fixed rate), and whether or not it has other charges apart from the electric charges displayed.

So, who has the best electricity rates in Houston TX?

Well, the answer depends on what type of electricity plan you want as well as your consumption rate. An electric company that offers the best postpaid electricity plan, may not have the best rate when it comes to prepaid or green energy. In short, there are electric companies that offer the best rates in regards to renewable energy, there those that are well known for prepaid plans, and there those with the best postpaid plans. Another important thing to note is that the rates vary depending on your monthly consumption rates. For instance, the rate for a 1000 kWh average monthly usage may differ from the rate for a consumption rate above 2000 kWh.

The company with the best-prepaid plan rate is Payless Power, while the ones with the best-prepaid plan include; Gexa energy for a 12 month fixed rate plan and offer 100% green energy, Green mountain energy also know for green power and good customer service, Cirro Energy popular for its straightforward rates and Trieagle Energy which is well known for its consistent low rate. 

Who is the best electric provider in Texas?

Texas is one of those states where electricity rates vary every day, and therefore, to rate an energy provider based on its electric rates might not give a true picture of its performance. For an electric company to be rated as the best in the market, it must have certain qualities such as; good customer service, a fixed and reliable electricity rate, good customers reviews and rating (preferably 4 to 5-star rating), low deposit fee, no hidden charges, have diversified electricity plans and a respected brand name.

The best electricity company is also dependent on one’s preference and therefore we cannot categorically state which is the best electricity provider in Texas. However, there are quite a number of companies with the best customer reviews but none comes close to Payless power.


Payless Power

Payless Power is well known for its affordable prepaid plans. They have some impressive prepaid packages such as the Premium 12 plan that offers 12 months fixed-rate prepaid plans. This electricity plan is one of its kind as most of the prepaid plans in the Texas energy market are month-to-month plans. They also have been in existence for the past 10 years. They offer no credit checks, no deposit type of plans and they have been lauded for their exceptional customer service. Here are some customer reviews about the company;

“ Ordering was easy, customer service personnel were helpful, courteous and very professional. Texts and emails about daily balances are useful in keeping track of usage and balance. All in all my experience has been exceptional. I would highly recommend them to anyone ”

— S. Peck from Houston

  I like everything about Payless Power. Plans and prices are competitive, customer service is courteous and professional. The online service is easy to use and very convenient. All in all a first class electric provider

Susan from Houston

“  Called in to get more info and the salesman was great. Explained everything to me!!! ”

— Lala from Houston

Who is the most reliable energy supplier?

The most reliable energy providers are the ones that offer fairly priced and reliable rates. Additionally, these are electric companies that are trustworthy, have transparent energy plans, have good customer reviews and ratings, have a complaint resolution mechanism, are involved in community outreach, and provide innovative solutions to common problems.

These companies also double up as the best companies in the market, as all the qualities mentioned above are also the ones used to rank the best performing electric company. So the most reliable electricity company that provides the best service has to be Payless Power. Some of the parameters that has determined this include the following;

Examine your current contract

Before you start looking for a new electricity provider, you need to first examine your contract to determine whether it is valid, and if so, how many more days you have before it expires. You can determine all these by either calling your electricity provider or checking your bill. If you decide to change to a new provider before your current contract period expires, you will be required to pay an early termination fee. However, the Public Utility Commission guide, stipulates that you can cancel your current electricity contract if you give your electricity provider a notice no earlier than fourteen days before your current deal expires.

Check your usage rate

One of the important things that you need to know when choosing an electricity supplier, is your electricity consumption rate or usage rate. To determine your usage rate, you can either check your old electricity bill or log into your electricity provider’s portal and determine your average electricity consumption rate. Electricity rates change every day, and therefore, knowing your usage rate will enable you to choose the right rate for your house. Payless power has amazing power rates.

Look out for rewards

There are some electric plans that have rewards such as free electricity or credit for referring a friend. These kinds of rewards can help you save quite an amount of money. So, if you are a fan of rewards (we know we are), you can carefully select the right rewards that offer the most benefits.

Decide on the duration of the contract

The next thing to do is to determine the length of your new contract. Electricity plans have different duration i.e., 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, and even 36 months. Note that different durations have different prices. In most cases, the longer the contract duration, the cheaper the price. If on the other hand, you are not comfortable with long-term contracts, you can opt for the short-term (6 to 12 months) fixed electricity rates.

Choose the type of plan you want

There are two common types of electricity plans i.e., variable and fixed-rate electric plans.

Fixed-rate; With fixed-rate electric plans, the rate you pay for your electricity consumption is constant for as long as the contract is valid. The rate is not affected in any way by the changes in the energy market. The common duration for most fixed-rate electric plans ranges from 6 to 24 months though there are some companies that offer a longer duration. An important thing to note is that most electric companies that offer fixed-rate electricity plans charge an early termination fee, therefore, terminating the contract early will cost you quite an amount of money. You might also miss out on low electricity rates from a drop in electricity prices.

Variable-rate plan: Variable rate plans are the opposite of fixed-rate electricity plans. The rates fluctuate depending on the situation of the energy markets. Variable-rate plans are usually affected by several factors including, the weather changes, the distribution systems, demands, fuel prices, and the market. The best thing about variable rate plans is that it offers you some flexibility as you are not tied down to a contract, however, you will be affected by an increase in the market price which occurs mostly during the summer period.

Carefully read the Electricity Fact Label (EFL).

The EFL gives information on the price point a plan will offer based on your consumption rate. It offers a rough estimate of your electric bill.

If you are shopping for an electricity plan, and you are interested in a fixed prepaid plan, then I would recommend that you check out the SmarTricity Premium 12 plan by Payless Power. It offers an affordable price, requires no deposit and no credit check, and most importantly it offers security thanks to it’s a fixed-rate. In short, it has everything that you’d want in a prepaid electric plan!

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