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Corpus Christi Electricity Rates

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Can’t decide which of the electricity plans in Corpus Christi to sign up for? Whether you just moved to Corpus Christi or are trying to take advantage of Texas’ deregulated energy market by finding switching lower electricity rates, there is a plan for you. On average, the typical Corpus Christi resident has an electricity rate of 14.05 cents/kWh, which is higher than both the Texas and national average electricity rates. A Corpus Christi electricity customer will ultimately pay an average of $156/month for electricity consumption. There are a variety of prepaid and fixed electricity plans in Corpus Christi with terms ranging from month to month, 12 months, 24 months, 36 months and everything in between that can help you get below the average  electricity rate and save money today.

Corpus Christi Residential Electricity Rates

Electricity rates are advertised based on the estimated monthly household consumption for 500 kWh (an apartment), 1000 kWh (a small house), and 2000 kWh (a large house). A Corpus Christi customer can get a sense of their average  monthly electricity consumption by looking at previous monthly electricity bills. Combining this knowledge with the size of their current or future Corpus Christi home, they can make a more informed decision when browsing through electricity rates and the variety of plans ranging from 12 months to 24 months to 36 months. The following Corpus Christi electricity rates are based on comparisons from Choose Energy.

Electricity Rates for an Apartment in Corpus Christi

Generally speaking, apartments will use less electricity than a single family home, assuming that Corpus Christi residents are mindful of their energy consumption and there aren’t many people living in a small space. If you have noted that your household uses less than 500 kWh, the average electricity rate that you can get in Corpus Christi is 16.06 cents/kWh. While this rate is higher than the average Texas and national electricity rates, you can still achieve a below average monthly price of Corpus Christi electricity at around $80.30. Remember, if you think you will use more than 500 kWh in one month, go with higher consumption plan, because a 16.06 cents/kWh rate can add up quickly.

Electricity Rates for a Small House in Corpus Christi

A small house in Corpus Christi will likely use around 1000 kWh/month. If you fall within this range of energy consumption, you can find electricity rates in Corpus Christi around 13.43 cents/kWh, which is priced in between the Texas and national average electricity rates. These homeowners can expect to pay an average monthly electricity bill of $134.30, which is still below the average monthly cost of electricity in Corpus Christi. Residents should aim to use under 1000 kWh of electricity each month so that they can spend less than the average price of electricity in Corpus Christi.

Electricity Rates for a Large House in Corpus Christi

Those who live in a large home in Corpus Christi or require 2000 kWh of electricity each month should definitely commit to an electricity plan that is structured around that level of energy consumption. At an estimated 2000 kWh of electricity used monthly, Corpus Christi residents can get the low electricity rate of 12.67 cents/kWh, which allows for more savings than the average Texas and national resident can achieve. At this rate, Corpus Christi residents can expect a monthly electricity bill of $253.40.

Corpus Christi Commercial and Industrial Electricity Rates

Corpus Christi residents aren’t the only consumers who benefit from Texas’ deregulated energy market. Both commercial and industrial businesses should consider switching electricity plans in Corpus Christi in order to find the lowest rates possible.

Corpus Christi Commercial Electricity Rates

The average electricity rate for commercial customers in Corpus Christi and Texans alike is only 8.16 cents/kWh, which is cheaper than the national average electricity rate of 10.09 cents/kWh. However, commercial energy consumption in Texas is the 4th highest in the nation, which pushes the monthly cost of electricity higher than the national average. Ultimately, if you can maximize energy savings practices, the low commercial electricity rates in Corpus Christi can prove very advantageous for business owners.

Corpus Christi Industrial Electricity Rates

The average electricity rate for industrial customers in both Corpus Christi and Texas is as low as 5.57 cents/kWh, which is less than the national average rate of 6.67 cents/kWh. Generally speaking, Texans consume less energy than other industrial electricity consumers across the country, resulting in an average monthly bill that is over 30% cheaper than the national average.

Save on Corpus Christi Electricity Rates Today

Whether you are looking for a plan length rate aligning with 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months, there are several electricity plans in Corpus Christi that can help any customer or company save money on their utilities.

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