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Pogo Energy is a Texas-based retail electricity provider situated in Irving. They offer their customers the choice to pay for electricity using the money upfront system. Their prepaid plans also allow the no-deposit option to clients with bad credit. 

Pogo not only gives you the same, but also better electricity just than your neighbor gets. Additionally, you are allowed to control the amount you spend. Pogo goes to the extent of delivering renewable electricity. Signing up with them is not just to save money; you also conserve Mother Nature!

Green energy with no deposit  

Electricity is a vital part of your daily life. It allows you to do 15 % of your daily activities. However, signing up for electricity is painstaking.  You end up doing business with parties that make you give a fat deposit and sign your life away. At the end of the month, you get a mystery. It’s expensive, right? 

With Pogo Energy, you can sign up from your phone within a minute and get powered up the same day. There is no deposit needed, no commitments, and no samples of your DNA needed! 

Further, you get daily updates, so you know what you are paying for. Pogo prides itself in supplying clients with 100% green energy. Signing up exclusively saves you $300 or more in a year. 

Pogo Energy is gratuitous for the first three days.

Should you opt for the Pogo prepaid plan, your provider shall offer you free electricity for the starting three days. After three days, the prepaid account balance starts to get deducted. All rates for Pogo comprise the base charge, electricity rate, delivery as well as transmission rate. 

Still, on this campaign, you get preapproved for the prepaid energy plan. It’s generally given on the condition that you pay the $20 for the connection fees. The $20 remains unused until the promotion day is over. It’s only deducted once you sign up on the fourth day. 


Pogo Rewards

As a Pogo client, you can be granted a reward every month. It is usually $25, and you can use it to save other expenses in thousands of ways. However, the rewards vary. They hinge on the time you have been in the Pogo family. The shorter the time, the lower to even no bonus. 

What are TDU charges?

As much as Pogo discharges electricity services, they don’t produce electricity. They don’t manage the power grid nor are they responsible for the energy distribution. All these responsibilities are accounted for by TDU. TDU is also accountable for fixing outages and doing maintenance.  Pogo passes through the TDU charges, and evaluates their legitimacy.  The TDU price ranges typically up to 50% of your monthly spending. If you have ongoing service with Pogo and you need electrical fixes, you have to contact TDU.



Pogo prepaid mode allows you to pay for electricity before using it and you know where the charges will apply. They allow you to perform cancellations anytime, and there are no penalties. 

How does the pogo smart app work?

After charging your account with $20 (it’s not the deposit), you use electricity for three days without the charge being touched. Your budget gets affected from the fourth day onwards. On your pogo smartphone app, you get daily-based electricity consumption updates. Still, on the dashboard, the charge that you have left is indicated. 

Pogo allows you to control the expenses. Suffice to say, you can abate the consumption to a minimum amount that favors the budgeted rate.  

How does the Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) work?

The DPP is a contingency plan that’s established once you sign up with Pogo.  Given that your credit balance is on the verge of going nil or it’s nil already, the deferred payment comes in. It recharges the amount to prepay for the electricity bill. It acts as credit contingency, and it even favors you should you have a bad credit history.

Once you start the DPP plan with Pogo, it is imperative for you to know two things.  At first, not until all the DPP debts are fully paid, 20% of your future income shall be wired into the service account.  Fortunately, Pogo does not charge extra fees nor do they include interests. You only pay the exact price for the electricity you consumed.  Owing to these facts, Pogo DPP keeps your power consistently on. The next thing you need to know is that, when you have signed for the DPP, a switch hold on your account shall be issued.  Once done, you shall be deterred from using any other retail electricity supplier by Pogo. Doing so helps in avoiding unsettled debt.


How do I opt-out of the Pogo service?

Ending business with Pogo is usually through contacting them. Under different circumstances, if you have no DPP holds, you can switch to another retailer. Upon doing so, Pogo shall receive notification from your new retailer. Thereon, they will automatically shift your services to your new retailer without question. 

Additionally, they return all the unused funds. Should there be the need to write you a check, a $5 for postage shall be deducted. 

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Christine M. in Killeen

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Julia L. in Webster

Long term customer

I have enjoyed the service for 2 years now. In the beginning this service was planned to be temporary but with the service being so effective for me i decided to keep it for the long haul. I’m a happy customer.

Kalandra H. in McKinney