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Just Energy is an energy group situated in Canada. It’s ranked as a leading retailer serving more than 1 million residential and business users in the U.S.A, Canada, and Germany. They deal with both electricity and natural gas. In terms of the contract, Just Energy gives long term fixed price and secure-priced electricity and green energy products. 

Just Energy history 

Initially, Just Energy was founded in 1997 by Rebecca MacDonald, who is the current executive chair. It started as a natural gas energy savings group in Ontario and generated $81 million in three years.  It rose to prominence in 2001 after the hike in gas prices and in 2003 its revenue was more than $3 billion.  During that time, it was under the name Energy Savings Fund. 

As of 2009, it constituted five firms. These were the Energy Savings Income Fund, U.S Energy Savings, Ontario Based Energy Savings, Alberta Energy Savings, and Just Energy Based in Canada fund. Later oN in 2011, both of the companies above were incorporated into the Just Energy group.  

Acquisitions made by Just Energy 

In April 2010, the company started to widen its marketing supply network. It created the Momentis Network, which later acquired the Universal Energy Cooperation of Toronto, Canada.  As a result, it gained the certification for National home services. In mid-2010, they acquired the Hudson Energy Group of the U.S.A.

It ventured into Texas in August 2011. That was after acquiring the Fulcrum Retail holding LLC based in Texas. As of now, Just Energy has its headquarters based in Texas, Houston, and Ontario. 

Just Energy plans

Just Energy service has energy plans for Texans and multiple deregulated Texas cities such as Dallas, Houston, Killen, and Arlington.  They have different plans offered for Texans in saveOnEnergy.com. However, the plans are not offered in every place. 



This plan is periodically drafted as a year’s contract. It comes along with an attractive rate and a $75 bill for each month you use 1000kWh/hour or more.  Additionally, it’s availed with 10.4 % of green energy. 




This is a three year based plan. It features legit fixed prices adhering to the contract’s duration. Your electricity supply rate is coherent with the saver plan.  The difference is that this plan renewable energy is sourced at 12.1%.



This is the 24-month based plan. Should you choose to accept, you exclusively get 100% renewable electricity. It’s availed through green energy credits and carbon counterpoises. The electricity rate remains unchanged throughout the year. 

The 24-month plan offers a $200 bill credit every December. For the two year plan, it costs $400.   



Again this is another plan similar to the 24 months. Still, your energy supply rate is fixed, and it’s 100% renewable. Texas green energy content for current plans is estimated at 20.7%.

What does local utility charge mean? 

The local utility charge is the expense you have to go to during the maintenance and delivery of energy. Should you choose Just Energy as your wholesaler, they shall organize the local utility for your home’s current supply. 

The local utility also pays for doing meter reading. Also, it’s convenient for electricity repair should there be a power cut. The local utility fee is usually passed to you at the just standard energy rate, and there are no extra charges.  

How does Just Energy work? 

Just Energy service for domestic consumers

Just Energy service supplies both electricity and natural gas in its affiliated states. Regardless of consumption, their pricing makes it an ideal choice for residents. Additionally, it accounts for carbon footprint abatements. However, domestic users’ energy plan varies with commercial users, since the bills are usually low when compared.

Just Energy services for businesses

Just Energy accounts for flexibility when it comes to business corporations. It customizes its deals to serve the needs of any sized business. Their plans work for businesses looking for non-changing prices and consistent functioning. Just Energy also allows business users to track their consumption and give them energy tips to form fair electricity bills.


The renewable energy options

Just Energy avails renewable energy choices on specific energy plans. By paying up some fees, they buy carbon counterbalances and green energy permits for your electricity usage. Thus they help you with sustainability.  

Just Energy customer reviews

Just Energy review is 3. 5 stars out of 5 stars.  Their customer service scores a 4 star, while online accessibility scores all five stars. Business history on end is 2.5 stars reviewed. 

On the customer service, what’s being reviewed is the satisfaction and sorting complaints.  Online accessibility is based on how customers pay their bills, get online queries, and access usage signals and trends.  Business review depends on the accolade given by the better business bureau—also the number of years in business matters. 

The Just Energy service app

To have complete insight into your daily usage, use the Just Energy app to get hourly updates. Should the usage details provided be needed, the app makes suggestions on how you can adjust the consumption. Other functions of the Just Energy app include:



Provides actual-time evaluations of your consumption expenses so you can be economical with sureness.  An advisor app is a tool that predicts your next bill by statistically calculating your current usage. It then delivers efficient recommendations to lower your bills, should they be high.

Just the energy app gives the breakdown details on energy use. Also, it allows you to pay directly by using the app. 



The app allows you to set reminders on your household equipment that uses energy. That way, you get informed anywhere you are in case there is a spike. The calendar approximates the dates where spikes are imminent. Again, you can try different strategies to avoid higher rates.



Be a step forward by being alerted on outages due to weather changes. The forecasts on the app also suggest how the climate is going to affect your power usage. 




Whenever you are stuck, the app exposes you to all the resources.  You can contact Just Energy customer care through the app. If not, you can access the detailed frequently asked questions tab on your dashboard. Still, if you want to report an outage,  you can use the app. 



Life can be full of activities. However, the app, upon personalization, starts to work on your behalf.

All you have to do is to tailor your profile for it to get statistics on your consumption. Also, you have to include the number of people in your household and all the energy-consuming equipment. Once done, you have to set up service reminders to alert you on spikes.

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