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Texas residents have the benefit of living within a deregulated energy market, which means they can choose between a variety of service providers for their electricity, as opposed to the many states across the country who are locked in to one provider depending on their area. The average price of electricity in the U.S. is $0.1283/kWh, whereas the average Texan pays $0.1206/kWh, and has the opportunity to take advantage of even more savings within its regulated energy market.

The Texas deregulated electricity market is highly competitive, residents should compare electric rates and plans from a variety of providers to see the most affordable rate they can get in a time frame that works best for them. At Payless Power, we strive to provide the best affordable electricity to all Texas residents.

Things to Consider When Comparing Electric Rates

Electricity itself is always the same no matter who provides it, so getting the best rate is the key to taking advantage of a deregulated energy market. Here are some things to consider when you are deciding with provider and plan to go with.

Prepaid vs. Postpaid

Traditional postpaid electricity plans have consumers sign a contract to receive service, and after a predetermined term, they are given a window of time to pay for the consumed electricity. These often come with credit checks, deposits, and late fees if the bill is not paid on time, and do not offer the consumer any control over the amount of electricity they are willing to consume and pay.

Prepaid or pay as you go plans are advantageous in comparison, as prepaid electricity requires payment in order to begin service. Electricity is issued at a predetermined amount. At Payless Power, our prepaid electricity plans put the control back in your hands, and require no deposit, credit check, or long-term contract involved.

Contract Term

There are a variety of contract terms outside of the standard 12 month plan to suit different lifestyle needs. Many companies will offer a flexible month-to-month plan, as well as 6 month, and 24 month plans. More often than not, the more flexible the rate is, the more it will cost per kilowatt hour, so take time to consider just how flexible you need your contract terms to be.


Many energy suppliers will offer no deposit plans. At Payless Power, we do that and more by not requiring a credit check, and even offering instant approval if you are a Texas resident. If you do not have a strong income or credit history, Payless Power still has an affordable electricity plans for you.


Something to consider as you compare energy plans are the incentives that electricity companies provide to try to win you over in this competitive marketplace. Keep an eye out for the variety of incentives that Payless Power offers in order to maximize savings on your electricity bill. 

Hidden Fees

Before signing up for an energy plan, see if the electric supplier has any late fees or early cancellation fees, what they are, and how you can avoid them.  Payless Power believes in transparent electricity prices and completely does away with late fees.

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After you compare electricity rates from the many Texas energy suppliers, it is very easy to switch to the plan that suits you. Simply find what providers are available in your zip code, check out the different rates, terms, and incentives that are listed, select the plan that works best for you, plug in your payment information, and start saving on your monthly electric bill.

Payless Power provides the best prepaid and standard electric plans with no cancelation fees and no deposit in Texas, and as a family-owned electric provider and not a giant electric company, we take great pride in serving our customers with care and respect. Choose Payless Power today.

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