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Nacogdoches is the oldest town in Texas and the original gateway to the Texas frontier. It was founded in 1779 by Spaniard Don Antonio Gil Y’Barbo as a military outpost. Nacogdoches became a crucial hub for trade and cultural exchange among Native American tribes, Spanish settlers, and later Anglo-American pioneers. The city saw three independent republics before the Lone Star Republic, and today, the city continues to fly nine flags to represent the countries that staked claims and the movements to establish the Republic of Texas.

Nacogdoches remains a vibrant testament to the enduring spirit of Texas heritage and resilience. It blends its historic charm with modern amenities, inviting visitors to explore its past while enjoying its thriving community.

Located in East Texas, only 60 miles from the Louisiana border, Nacogdoches lies within Texas’s deregulated electricity market, enabling residents to select from various energy providers instead of having only one choice.

Whether new to the area or just passing through, Nacogdoches offers the perfect blend of history, nature, and recreation. Start your journey by exploring downtown’s charming shops, eateries, and museums. History buffs can delve into the past at sites like the Old Stone Fort Museum and the Sterne-Hoya House Museum. Nature lovers will delight in the Ruby M. Mize Azalea Garden and SFA Mast Arboretum or the peaceful stroll at the Lanana Creek Trail, originally a Native American footpath. In June, don’t miss the opportunity to attend the annual Texas Blueberry Festival, celebrating Nacogdoches’ status as the “Blueberry Capital of Texas.” There’s something for everyone in this quaint East Texas town.

For the residents and businesses, receiving affordable and dependable energy is essential for ensuring the pace of everyday life. Since Nacogdoches sits within Texas’ deregulated electricity market, residents can choose their electric provider. Many consumers turn to Payless Power reliability and affordability.

Since 2005, Payless Power has been helping Texas residents obtain reliable energy with up to 20% savings on their average electricity bill. If you search “electric companies near me,” you will find Payless Power offers a range of flexible and personalized electric plans designed to meet your unique needs. Choose from prepaid plans with no deposit and no credit checks or traditional plans where you are billed at the end of the month for the amount of electricity used. Plus, you can pick the length of your contract, from as short as six months to as long as 36 months.

When you compare Payless Power to other electricity companies in Nacogdoches, you’ll soon discover the best, most affordable electricity plan options with plenty of happy customers.

Types of Electricity Plans We Offer

  • Prepaid Plans with No Deposit and No Credit Check
  • Traditional Plans Where You're Billed at the End of the Month
  • Contracts From 6 Months up to 36 Months Available

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Electricity rates fluctuate continuously, so your rate depends on when you enroll in a plan and what the rates are at the time.

Over the past year, the average electricity rate in Nacogdoches was $0.156. That is 8% less than the national average.

However, Nacogdoches residents can lower this monthly cost even more by taking advantage of the deregulated electricity market they live in and selecting an electricity provider and plan that fits their lifestyle and budget.

Many consumers and small businesses in the area turn to Payless Power, a top electric provider in Nacogdoches. Payless Power offers both prepaid plans and traditional plans at highly competitive rates.

Based on the average local rate in Nacogdoches, we can calculate a household’s typical monthly energy usage based on the home or apartment’s size:

  • Apartment(750 sq. ft.)
    approximately $77/month
  • Small Home(1,200 sq. ft.)
    approximately $153/month
  • Large Home(2,000 sq. ft.)
    approximately $256/month

Keep in mind that your electricity bill will vary based on your consumption habits.

Enter your Nacogdoches ZIP code to find an affordable Payless Power electricity plan to suit your household.


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It’s very affordable and convenient for me

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