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Denton Electricity Rates

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Denton Electricity: What You’ll Pay

Denton, Texas, residents enjoy 15% lower electricity rates than the US average. However, due to the state’s warm climate, Texas ranks sixth highest for electricity usage per household. How, then, can Denton residents find good electricity rates, and how much can they expect to pay on their monthly bill? 

In Texas’s deregulated energy market, prepaid electricity companies are finding ways to attract customers and lower the cost of electricity for consumers. Denton residents have dozens of retail electric providers to choose from with varying rate plans. How can you know you’re choosing the best plan? Do certain promotions, such as free nights and weekends, really save money?

We’ll help you estimate your bill based on the size of your apartment or house. Plus, you’ll see that Payless Power’s simple pricing, shorter contracts, and usage alerts help put savings and the power back in the customer’s hands.

House Size and Denton Electricity Costs

If you’re new to Denton, knowing your square footage and approximate kilowatt-hours per month is helpful when picking a provider and planning your budget. Reading your Texas Electricity Facts Label with your first bill also helps provide clarity on actual kWh usage and costs. For example, the average size Denton apartment is 858 square feet and the median size home on the market is around 1,771 square feet. The chart below helps estimate your costs.

Denton Electricity Rates & Usage: Estimated Charges*

*Based on Payless Power’s Autopay and Save 12 plan for zip code 76210 on 11/24/21. Rates subject to change due to energy costs.

750 Sq Ft
Approx kWh per/Month
Example Rate
18¢ / kWh
Expected Charge
Small Home
1200 Sq Ft
Approx kWh per/Month
Example Rate
14.9¢ / kWh
Expected Charge
Large Home
2000 Sq Ft
Approx kWh per/Month
Example Rate
13.5¢ / kWh
Expected Charge

How Denton Electricity Rates Compare

Texas ranks sixth in overall energy consumption per capita. For residential electricity, Denton homeowners and renters consume about 1,467 kWh per month, while the national average is just shy of 900 kWh. Texas’s statewide rate of 12.03 cents per kWh is 15% lower than the average U.S. electricity rate of 13.99 cents per kWh.

Nationwide, commercial electricity rates average 11.60 cents per kWh, with Texas’s commercial rates costing 7.98 cents per kWh. In addition to traditional power sources (natural gas, coal, oil), Texas leads the U.S. in wind electricity generation and is fifth in solar power. As you can see, electricity rates and access to vast traditional and renewable energy sources provide relief for Texas’s warm climate and the need for high usage.

*Estimated from August 2021 data from


Affordable Electricity Plans in Denton

Saving money on electricity in Denton begins with finding a good rate, then choosing a plan that suits your lifestyle﹘whether it’s contract length or a pay-as-you-go plan. While some retail electric providers offer gimmicks like free nights and weekends, these plans often result in much higher rates that end up costing more annually. Read more about myths related to free nights and weekend plans.

Payless Power offers no-deposit prepaid electricity plans with instant approval, meaning no credit check! Customers receive daily usage alerts that allow you to reduce your energy consumption, which in turn saves you money, or you can add to your balance on the spot. Find a Payless Power electricity plan in your Denton zip code﹘and start saving up to 20% on energy costs today!

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