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If you are new to Abilene, Texas, choosing an electric company and setting up utilities is on your “to do” list. We are here to help. Since Abilene is a deregulated market, you are in control of choosing your electric company. Options equals savings, allowing Abilene residents to shop for a plan that meets their budget and energy needs.

Located near the center of Texas (about 180 miles west of Dallas-Fort Worth), the city of Abilene has a population of 125,000 residents. The mid-size city is the center of a 22-county area commonly referred to as the Big Country. Established in 1881 as a railroad town by ranchers and land speculators, Abilene was named after a Kansas cattle town.

Today, the city offers a diverse mix of Western heritage, contemporary culture, and the renowned Abilene Christian University. Manufacturing and food processing are thriving industries in the area. Abilene is also home to Dyess Air Force Base, with over 13,000 military personnel and civilians employed or residing there. True to the traditional values upon which it was built, residents and business owners want an Abilene electricity plan that is reliable and affordable. With Payless Power, you get this and more.

Abilene requires affordable and dependable energy to keep its business going and residents comfortable. Payless Power takes pride in being one of the top energy distributors in the area.

Payless Power in Abilene, Texas

Since 2005, Payless Power has been helping Texas residents obtain reliable energy with up to 20% savings on their average electricity bill. If you search “electric companies near me,” you will find Payless Power offers a range of flexible and personalized electric plans designed to meet your unique needs. Choose from prepaid plans with no deposit and no credit checks or traditional plans where you are billed at the end of the month for the amount of electricity used. Plus, you can pick the length of your contract, from as short as six months to as long as 36 months.

When you compare Payless Power to other electricity companies in Abilene, you’ll soon discover the best, most affordable electricity plan options with plenty of happy customers.

Types of Electricity Plans We Offer

  • Prepaid Plans with No Deposit and No Credit Check
  • Traditional Plans Where You're Billed at the End of the Month
  • Contracts From 6 Months up to 36 Months Available

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Other Abilene, TX Utilities

AEP (American Electric Power) Texas North

Contact for any delivery issues like power outages or downed lines.

Customer Service: 877.373.4858

Outages: 866.223.8508



Abilene’s Water Utilities Department 




Atmos Energy

Natural gas

Customer Service: 888.286.6700

Gas Emergency: 866.322.8667


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Abilene lies at the edge of a humid subtropical climate, with areas to the west being semiarid. Summers can be hot and dry, causing residents to head indoors and crank up the A/C. No wonder there is an increase in electricity during the warmer months. Short, mild winters help offset usage, and electricity bills typically see a slight decline.

The average residential electricity rate in Abilene is .14 cents per kWh, making it 18% lower than the national average.

Keep in mind rates fluctuate continuously, so your rate will depend on when you enroll in a plan and the rates at the time. At Payless Power, we offer both 6-month and 12-month fixed-rate contracts, so once you sign up, you don’t have to worry about day-to-day fluctuations.

Sample Electric Bills

Based on the average local rate in Abilene, we can calculate a household’s typical monthly energy usage based on the home or apartment’s size:

  • Apartment(750 sq. ft.)
    approximately $69/month
  • Small Home(1,200 sq. ft.)
    approximately $137/month
  • Large Home(2,000 sq. ft.)
    approximately $239/month

Keep in mind that your electricity bill will vary based on your consumption habits.

Enter your Abilene ZIP code to find an affordable Payless Power electricity plan to suit your household.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Much Does Electricity Cost in Abilene?

Q: How Much Does Electricity Cost in Abilene?

The average Abilene electricity rate for residential consumers is 10.98 cents per kWh. The average local rate will be used in calculating the monthly costs for residences of different sizes. For example, an Abilene household consumes a monthly electricity usage of 790 kWh, the average electric bill will cost around $87.

While the average Abilene commercial electricity rate is 8.16 cents per kWh which is 19.13% less compared to the national average, making it a lot cheaper to live in Abilene.

Q: How Can I Switch Energy Providers In Abilene?

Q: How Can I Switch Energy Providers In Abilene?

In a deregulated state, you can choose any electricity service provider. If you’re thinking about making the switch to Payless Power or another Abilene electric company, follow these steps:

  1. Check your current contract. If your current energy service hasn’t expired and includes an early termination fee, you’ll want to know the consequences of breaking your contract early. Switching may save you money in the long run, but many people don’t want to deal with an unexpected fee.
  2. Consider different plans. Enter your ZIP code to see all of your area’s available plans. Each plan includes details about kWh, the connection balance needed to start a plan, and the plan length (or term). 

Sign up for a new plan. Once you choose a new plan, follow the steps to set up an account on Payless Power’s website. You’ll receive instant approval for your new plan regardless of your income level or credit history.

Q: Why Should I Choose Payless Power For My Abilene Electricity?

Q: Why Should I Choose Payless Power For My Abilene Electricity?

Many customers want a more flexible energy plan. Payless Power’s prepaid plans regularly notify residents about their balance and power usage. You can use this information to reduce your overall energy usage. 

In addition, paying for electricity as you go means you don’t have to worry about receiving a surprise bill at the end of the month. Since you can add funds anytime online or by phone, you’ll never have to wonder if you might face a sudden disconnection because you didn’t pay a bill on time.

Q: How Do I Choose An Abilene Energy Plan?

Q: How Do I Choose An Abilene Energy Plan?

Under Abilene’s deregulated energy market, residents and businesses can shop for a plan that suits their energy needs. Depending on where you live, you have many options for cheap electric utility plans. 

Just enter your ZIP code to find out which plans and discounts are available near you. Choose from the following plans:

  • In a fixed-rate plan, you pay the same rate kWh throughout the contract. Most contracts last one to three years, and you pay a fixed rate for electricity. Other fees, like taxes, can fluctuate over time.
  • In a variable plan, market conditions can affect your pay rate. You might see a sudden increase in your rate during periods of heavy energy demand. It can be difficult to budget for your energy expenses due to this uncertainty.

You can avoid the upfront payment of a deposit by using prepaid plans or no-deposit plans. Current economic conditions make it increasingly difficult to pay the deposits required by energy providers.

Q: Which Companies Provide Electricity In Abilene?

Q: Which Companies Provide Electricity In Abilene?

Abilene residents have the freedom to choose their energy provider. The top providers include Payless Power, TXU Energy, Constellation, and 4Change Energy. Each company offers electric supply plans that vary in price and terms. Compare your options to ensure you pick one that meets your needs.

The utility provider for Abilene is American Electric Power (AEP) Texas North. The company is responsible for maintaining and repairing Abilene’s electric infrastructure. While you can choose your provider, you can’t choose your utility (your location determines this). 

Contact your local utility company in case of a power outage.

Q: Which Company Has The Cheapest Electricity Rates In Abilene?

Q: Which Company Has The Cheapest Electricity Rates In Abilene?

The cost of energy depends on where you live. The cheapest company in one part of the state may not necessarily be the cheapest in Abilene. Enter your ZIP code to discover the best rates in your area, then sort by price to find the cheapest rate.

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Great service easy to sign up

Chrystal S. in Abilene

Best deal and lowest prices I’ve seen in a long time. Very convenient and not at all complicated. I am beyond happy with their service.

Tiffany S. in Abilene

I love Payless power your a awesome company and I like how easy it is to pay online and I get day to day texted message’s so I now how much power I use and I love the low rate’s on electricity. Thank you

Pamela V. in Abilene

So far so good I just hope it doesn’t fluctuate. Up higher as long as I’m been charged only for what I’m using.. I will continue to be a happy customer and keep. The same company with Payless power. I’m very satisfied right now for the last five day I’ve had my service switched over to Payless power from Txu. Thanks Payless power…

Latosha B. in Lewisville

I have used pay as you go electricity before but this is by far the best so far, I have had no issues the payments can be made easily and the people if you ever have to deal with them are friendly and quick.

Brookelynn L. in Fort Worth

We have generally had a difficult time paying our electric bill in one big chunk. I mean, it’s a lot easier to come up with $50 three or four times a month than $200 all at once. We live paycheck to paycheck and my husband does home improvement jobs on the side. Payless Power has alleviated our worries and made it very convenient to pay online, def…

Joyce D. in Corpus Christi

Extremely affordable, I average $4.60 a day which is really a good deal, not mention the Hassel of doing a guessing game when the bill comes, you get to prepay for your electricity. No surprises. This highly recommended electric company, know I’ve tried all those other theiving electric companies. Try it and SEE for Yourself!!…

Robert K F. in Laredo

So far so good. Hopefully i can get power on in a few minutes instead of waiting until tomorrow. Payment process was easy

Raymond S. in Temple

Just started and really like the play by play on what you use and how much you pay at a time. I hate electric companies but so far I am very impressed with your company

Jana P. in Taft

Tips for reducing your Texas energy bill

Energy costs can add up quickly when you live in Texas. Here are some tips to help lower your monthly energy bill.

Use a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat will adjust the temperature inside your house depending on whether you’re home or away.

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Payless Power is known for its excellent customer service, same-day connection, and instant approval. Whether it be a fixed-rate or variable plan for your home or business, our team is here to help you find an electricity plan that fits your lifestyle and budget.

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