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Blog Feb 11, 2013

Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget


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When it comes to planning a celebration on a budget, whether you’re trying to celebrate Valentine’s Day or any other holiday, it can be challenging to keep yourself from spending a fortune spoiling your sweetheart. Thankfully, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day without the costly fanfare often associated with this holiday. In fact, when it comes to these kinds of celebrations, sometimes less is more. Here are some great ideas on what to do for Valentine’s Day that will be both meaningful and budget-friendly.

1. Romantic night in.

Instead of going out to some expensive, overcrowded restaurant, celebrate Valentine’s Day by having a romantic night in. Candles, a home-cooked meal and your favorite tunes playing softly in the background—now that’s the ideal recipe for romance!

2. DIY romance.

Expensive presents don’t mean more than homemade ones. In fact, making your present—taking the time to put together a mixed tape of your favorite songs, for instance, or painting a picture, or putting together a box of things that are meaningful in your relationship—is far more special and much more personal than simply buying something from a store.

3. Low-cost or free local entertainment.

Look into your local scene for the best free or low-cost entertainment around. Take your sweetheart to a museum, stroll through the local gardens or park, visit the pub where you first met and have a beer while listening to live music.

4. Grocery store flowers.

Getting flowers for Valentine’s Day at a florist is so expensive, and those flowers tend to last less time, believe it or not. Buy your flowers at a grocery store—often they are cheaper and of better quality. Also, consider doing something beyond the overhyped roses. Other types of flowers are less expensive but may make for a more original gift.

5. Trip down memory lane.

Pull out a wedding video, your photo albums from trips past, grab your box of “firsts”—the box containing items that evoke memories of what you each experienced first together, like your first trip to the mountains, or first skydiving adventure, memories of your first date or your first kiss. Grab some inexpensive wine and a couple of stem-less glasses and take a trip down memory lane.

6. Picnic under the stars.

If there’s a park nearby, great; but if not, a picnic under the stars in your very own backyard may be just what Cupid ordered to make your Valentine’s Day special. Spread a blanket and do some star-gazing.

7. Message in a bottle…or a mirror, or a notepad…

The sweetest messages are spontaneous and surprising. Skip the expensive card and write little notes on Post-its or tiny pieces of paper, and then stick them in bottles left throughout the house. Or write messages on your mirrors with dry-erase markers.

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