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Blog Nov 20, 2013

How to Encourage Energy Efficient Behavior in Your Home


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“If they would just listen to what I say!”

Unfortunately, sometimes you’re the only one in your home who sees things a certain way. Discussions and arguments haven’t resulted in anyone in your home becoming more energy efficient.

You may not have control over how others in your home act, but you can do things to encourage them to take the behavior you want.

Here are some ideas for getting them to become more energy efficient:

1. Reward the Behavior

What’s more motivating than by getting something tangible for what you do? Check out your energy bill as it stands now. Tell your family members you’ll spend half the savings on future bills on a reward of their choice. Offer further incentives for meeting additional goals.

2. Educate Your Family & Show the Impact of Their Behavior

This one works on some people, but doesn’t tend to be as effective. Show your family members how excess energy usage negatively impacts your local environment and the world abroad. Discuss specific ways that using energy more efficiently helps them and the world around them.

3. Start When Your Children are Young

Teens are somewhat set in their ways and think they have it altogether already, so trying to change their habits may be a lost cause. But you can still try. However, if you have young children, that’s a great time to teach them about energy efficiency. Old habits die hard, but if you can teach your children when they’re impressionable, you may be set them on a good path for the rest of their life.

4. Do as You Say

Make sure you’re consistent with your own advice. And if you’re not for some reason and a family member calls you on it, admit it when you are wrong. When you follow through on what you say yourself, people take what you say more seriously.

5. Let the Change Happen At Its Own Pace

Ultimately, it’s not up to you to change someone else’s behavior. It’s their decision whether or not to do that. So if things aren’t changing as fast as you’d like, let it go. What you can do instead of trying to make the change happen is to celebrate the small changes that do happen. Then your family members will feel more appreciated and motivated to change.

Change Happens Slowly, So Be Patient

But when it does happen, your home will be a more energy efficient place, the world a little cleaner, and your wallet thicker. Enjoy the benefits of your newfound change!

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