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Blog Nov 24, 2014

Greenest Cities in the US

Ahorro de energía

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Now this list isn’t about just some very good energy-saving cities and how they’re becoming greener. These cities were actually scored by City Scorecard – a total of 34 cities across the nation.

In Texas, we actually faired quite well. Austin ranks #6, Houston #13, Dallas #14, San Antonio #16, El Paso #23, and Fort Worth #26.

Here’s some of the top cities and how they’re pushing energy efficiency to new heights:

1. Boston

Boston was the top-scoring city in the nation. What this city’s doing is absolutely amazing. They’re doing so many things we can’t list them all here.

But here are some cool things they’re got going:

  • Renew Boston actually sends an energy adviser to your home to perform a Home Energy Assessment – at absolutely no cost to you (you can also qualify for free high-efficiency light bulbs, water saving devices and even get discounts for installing insulation)
  • Mayor Thomas M. Menino made a 2009 order that set energy savings goals for the city
  • All large buildings are required to rate and report their energy use to city officials

2. Portland

City Scorecard ranked Portland #2.

It’s always nice to see your leadership doing themselves what they’re telling you to do. Portland, for example, holds itself accountable (namely the city and county government) to reduce carbon emissions from 1990 levels by 50% by 2030.

They’re also working hard on reducing energy used by city vehicles. The most energy efficient vehicle must be purchased for the job. 20% of the fleet will be electric vehicles by 2030. All vehicles currently have GPS to make driving the most efficient. There’s also a specific city idle reduction policy that outlines exactly how and when city employees and officials should leave vehicles running on idle.

Now that’s taking energy savings seriously!

3. Austin

So let’s see what we’re doing right here in Texas. This is a pretty aggressive goal Austin has: reaching zero waste by 2040. That means cutting trash sent to landfills by 90%.

Currently, Austin’s going to start funding more waste-elimination and prevention efforts, use clean production options, and it’s going to encourage retailers to educate consumers and take more products back. The city also offers its employees free bus passes. And it has 33 charging stations available for city staff who drive 33 Toyota Prius vehicles.

So that’s what some of the leading cities in the US are doing to take their energy savings to new heights.

What did you learn from them that you could implement into your own life?

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