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Blog Jul 15, 2016

7 Unusual Ways to Save Energy and Money

Ahorro de energía

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The neat thing about technology and innovation is everyone thinks of all kinds of cool, unique, and easier ways to save energy and money.

Check out some unusual ways you can save energy and money too:

1. Diapers

You love your children. But, in modern Western society, they can consume an awful lot of energy. Their diapers, if you use the cheap disposable ones made from petroleum products, wreak havoc on the environment.

Instead, use compostable diapers, or cloth ones you can rewash.

2. Install a Rain Barrel For Collecting Water

A 50-gallon rain barrel collects a large amount of water during the wet season. That can save you a lot on your water bill. Remember, this water is “soft” because it doesn’t contain many minerals that hard water does.

That makes it work well for washing your home’s and car’s windows, and watering your garden. To prevent mosquito infestation, add a quarter cup of vegetable oil once per week, or after each storm. It kills the larvae before they hatch.

3. Bake Several Meals at a Time When Cooking

Warming your oven up from scratch to your desired temperature takes the most energy. Prepare all your meals for the week at one time, and save a decent amount of energy too.

4. Heat Your Home with Your Oven

Okay…we’re not saying to turn your oven on and leave it. Instead, once you’re done cooking, open the door wide and let all the heat out into your home.

5. Put a Plastic Jug in Your Toilet Tank

Assuming you don’t have a high-efficiency toilet, fill a plastic bottle or jug and put it in your toilet tank. It takes the place of the water. And that means less water used on each flush.

6. Do This with Shower Water You Can’t Use…

At first, your shower water’s too cold. Catch that water in a 5-gallon bucket. Use that water on your garden.

7. Exercise Early in the Morning

No joke here. Not only will you feel healthier and more awake, but you’ll save energy too. Exercising in the morning gets your blood flowing, which makes you feel warmer throughout the day. You’ll have a lesser need to turn on your AC as a result.

So, those are some simple, and unique, ways to save some energy this year.

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