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Five Tips for Throwing a Budget-Friendly New Year’s Party


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The New Year starts next week and people nationwide are preparing to ring in 2018. Parties, events and concerts are a popular way to celebrate a new year, but they can wreak havoc on your wallet. However, with a few budget-friendly entertaining hacks, you can enjoy a fun New Year’s Eve at home surrounded by the people you care about most. Check out the tips below!

Use holiday leftovers

As you are cleaning up from holiday celebrations, think about what you might be able to reuse when tossing things out. For example, wrapping paper can be repurposed into confetti for a New Year’s soiree. If you have leftover paper plates or cups from Christmas or Hanukkah, use them! No one is going to care whether the plates are New Year’s specific or not. A lot of people have extra cookies, cakes and other desserts around the holidays, so use them to feed your guests. Chances are, they will be happy to indulge, even after you and your family have grown tired of eating the same kind of cookies for a week.

Set a peaceful tone

Most people associate New Year’s Eve with flashy lights and loud music. But, mix it up with a more sophisticated atmosphere by dimming the lights and lighting candles to create a tranquil glow. See what kind of setting you can create using lamps instead of your overhead lights. The change of pace will create a new feel in your home, and using candles (flameless or not), could also save you some electricity! In keeping with the serene theme, try streaming some quiet, relaxing music on Spotify or Pandora and talking with your guests, instead of blaring loud music.

Splurge on sparklers

Can’t see the fireworks from your house? Don’t worry, sparklers are always a good alternative. Pick up some sparklers from the party store to create your own light show at midnight. They are way cheaper than trying to buy other kinds of fireworks, and are safer as well. Plus, people of all ages love having their own personal firework. See what kind of photos you can snap as your guests let their sparklers sizzle.

Encourage BYOB

Buying drinks for a get together can often be the largest struggle and biggest cost. Everyone likes something different, and it’s impossible to keep everyone’s favorites straight. For that reason, encourage guests to bring their own beverages. If you want to provide some options, pick up some two liter bottles instead of canned soda, and consider buying off-brand versions to save some cash.

Serve snacks, or cook a simple dish

If your guests are sticking around until midnight, chances are they are coming over after dinner. That means there’s no need to cook an elaborate meal to feed the masses. Instead, consider serving some snack foods and appetizers that you can pick up at the dollar store. If you want to make something more substantial for your guests, consider a traditional New Year’s option of Hoppin’ John (made with black eyed peas) and greens. These foods can feed a lot of people at a low cost, and are considered to bring good luck in the new year.

What are your tips for entertaining on a dime? Share them with Payless Power on our Facebook page!

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