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Save 20% on The Cheapest Electricity Rates in Texas

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As utility bills continue to rise, consumers search for cheap electricity in Texas and other types of energy savings.  For those who are seeking to reduce their electricity costs, SmarTricity with FLEX PAY™ is the perfect solution.  FLEX PAY enables customers to save more money on prepaid electricity by purchasing in bulk amounts, and by offering discounts on certain deposit amounts.  The savings work much the same way that buying groceries at Costco or Sam’s Club vs. a local corner store.  The more a person buys at once, the less expensive the overall price becomes.

SmarTricity with FLEX PAY

The program, known as SmarTricity with FLEX PAY™, allows customers to make a deposit into an account with funds deducted as electricity is used, eliminating late fees completely.  In addition to no late fees, customers can earn discounts off the standard rate when they prepay for electric service, providing cheap electricity to Texas residents 24 hours per day.

Discount Structure

A deposit of $150 or more at one time will earn that customer the top tier discount of 4 cents off the standard Payless Power rate.  This is a savings of up to 26 percent off!  If $150 is more than can be paid at one time, then a 2 cent discount is offered for payments made from $75 to $149.99.  A 2 cent savings is up to 13 percent off of Payless Power’s standard rate.  The FLEX PAY discount is just another way that SmarTricity with FLEX PAY provides cheap electricity for the average consumer.  SmarTricity with FLEX PAY is designed for those tough times when even $75 is too much.  The program will allow payments of less than $75 to be deposited into the prepaid account, but payments of less than $75 do not earn discounts.  Don’t let that get you down because Payless Power’s SmarTricity with FLEX PAY still has a great low kilowatt hour rate without the FLEX PAY discounts, so it still saves consumers money.  The beauty of SmarTricity with FLEX PAY is that it is flexible enough for those periods during the year when income is lower due to seasonal employment or other reasons; therefore, the program still offers the option to pay more when income is higher and less during lean times.  In effect, the savings can be dialed in as income allows!

No Hidden Fees

Something to note when comparing pricing is whether the other guys charge for things like:

  • Calling Customer Service
  • Payment/Load Fee to simply put your money on your account on top of prepaying for services
  • Minimum usage bing and bong charges for using 499 kWh or less.  We have seen this fee as high as $9.99!
  • Late Payment Fees

With Payless Power, you need not worry about these hidden charges because there are not any.


Not only does SmarTricity with FLEX PAY™ offer cheap electricity, but it also offers convenience as customers can add money to the account by telephone, at a payment center (fees may apply), or online. Customers can add money when it is convenient for them, whether it is weekly, monthly or even daily, and payment extensions are available when emergencies arise. In addition, FLEX PAY consumers receive daily text or email messages that inform them of their balance, how many days of service remains before the account requires another deposit, and the daily consumption rate.


In order to benefit from the cheap electricity through FLEX PAY, customers must have an AMS or smart meter installed on their premises.  There is no credit check, long-term contract or early cancellation penalty.  Smart meters are installed by the Transmission and Distribution Utility and offer additional information about electric usage to help customers conserve energy.

To learn more about cheap electricity in Texas through Payless Power’s FLEX PAY program, call 866-206-7986 or click here to visit Payless Power online.

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I have enjoyed the service for 2 years now. In the beginning this service was planned to be temporary but with the service being so effective for me i decided to keep it for the long haul. I’m a happy customer.

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