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Blog Jun 20, 2016

4 Unexpected Benefits of Energy Efficiency

Ahorro de energía

Have you ever thought about all the benefits of energy efficiency? You know some of the obvious ones. But others, you don’t consciously think of. And you might not even have ever thought of them at all.

So, check out some of the top expected, and unexpected, benefits of energy efficiency:

1. Decrease the Possibility of Many Diseases, Including Cancer

Now, let’s be serious. Being energy efficient isn’t going to eliminate cancer. But, it will reduce its prevalence.

Currently, around 25% of all electricity gets produced by coal power plants. In Texas, we are one of the leading users of coal to generate electricity in the nation.

When burned, coal releases all sorts of horrible pollutants into the atmosphere. It also releases arsenic into drinking water, which can cause cancer. It also leads to a number of respiratory diseases.

By being more energy efficient, you reduce our dependence on coal. And that, in turn, reduces the risk of many harmful and potentially fatal diseases.

2. Increases National Economic Growth

Information from the International Energy Agency says the gross domestic product could increase .25% to 1.1% per year with large-scale adoption to energy efficiency. That’s likely for European countries.

In the US, we use energy far more inefficiently than in Europe. So the potential could increase even further for us.

Increased GDP means more jobs and overall economic stability. That means more savings in the bank for you. And it increases our nation’s global power and status, and you know certain other countries who would be happy to see the downfall of the US.

In a small way, by committing to energy efficiency, you’re making the US a stronger nation.

3. Improve Your Health, and Especially the Health of Your Children and the Elderly

Respiratory and cardiovascular conditions are more prevalent in homes without energy efficiency retrofits. So are arthritis and allergies. Symptoms of stress and depression also reduce.

That’s the immediate positive impact on you and your family. And it could also save you money on your healthcare costs with fewer trips to the doctor or hospital.

4. You Help Those in Poverty

By using less energy yourself, you reduce overall demand. Lower demand means lower electricity prices set by power companies. Those in poverty get a little more to keep in their pockets.

Bet you never thought you were helping those in unfortunate financial situations by watching your own energy efficiency!

So in sum, you’re doing a lot more good than you think when you focus on energy efficiency. It’s hard to live with all these things in mind. But try to remind yourself of all the good you do when you choose to reduce your energy use at home.

You’ll feel great and thank yourself for it!

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