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Are you looking to move to Weslaco, TX in the near future? Weslaco residents have the incredible opportunity to take advantage of Texas’ deregulated energy market by switching to electricity plans with lower electricity rates. Energy consumers in Weslaco have an average electricity rate of 13.94 cents per kWH, which is higher than the average Texas rate of 11.76 cents per kWh and on par with the average national rate of 13.91 cents per kWh, and an average energy bill of $155. Be it an energy plan that is prepaid, fixed, variable, for 12 months, 24 months, 36 months or less, Weslaco customers can find the best energy plans and rates to save smart money on their energy bill today.

Weslaco Residential Electricity Rates

Energy companies offer electricity rates in Weslaco based on the estimated monthly household consumption for 500 kWh (an apartment), 1000 kWh (small homes), and 2000 kWh (large homes). A prospective customer can view their previous electricity bill to see their average monthly energy consumption. Using this information alongside the size of their home, a customer can make an educated choice when comparing electricity plans and deciding which rates can support their lifestyle while helping them save money for a variety of terms, such as 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, or somewhere in between. The following Weslaco electricity rates are based on comparisons from Choose Energy.

Electricity Rates for an Apartment in Weslaco

An energy plan with a monthly estimated energy consumption of 500 kWh is appropriate for Weslaco residents who live in an apartment and/or are mindful of their energy savings habits. The average Weslaco electricity rate for an energy plan at this level of consumption is 16 cents per kWh, which is more expensive than both the Texas and national average rates. However, if you compare this rate with your previous ele bills and find that you can consume under 500 kWh/month, your new monthly energy bill will be only $80. On the flip side, if you don’t think that you can consume less than 500 kWh/month as a Weslaco resident, it is recommended to go with a higher consumption plan like 1000 kWh/month because a 16 cents/kWh rate can quickly add up across 12 months, 24 months or 36 months.

Electricity Rates for a Small House in Weslaco

Most Weslaco residents consume around 1000 kWh/month of electricity, which is how much energy you need to power a small house. If your home size or level of energy consumption falls under this amount, you can find electricity rates in Weslaco at an average of 13.2 cents per kWh. While this electricity rate is higher than the Texas average rate, it is still lower than the national average rate. At this rate, Weslaco residents can expect an average monthly bill of $132. As this is more affordable than the average cost of electricity in Weslaco, a smart local customer should aim to use less than 1000 kWh/month of electricity to maximize smart savings on their monthly energy bill.

Electricity Rates for a Large House in Weslaco

If your Weslaco lifestyle or larger home size requires a higher amount of electricity, you should shop for an energy plan that has an estimated energy consumption level of 2000 kWh/month to get the lowest possible electricity rate. At this high level of energy usage, Weslaco residents can get the low electricity rate of just 12.7 cents per kWh, which is lower than both the Texas and national average electricity rates. At the end of every month, a Weslaco customer can expect an average bill of $253.

Weslaco, TX Commercial and Industrial Energy Rates

Commercial and industrial businesses in Weslaco, TX can also take advantage of Texas’ deregulated electricity market by switching from their energy companies and/or energy plan to find the best electricity rates possible.

Commercial Electricity Rates in Weslaco

Commercial electricity consumers in Weslaco can get an electricity rate as low as 8.1 cents per kWh, which is the same as the average commercial Texas electricity rate. With energy plans ranging from short to long term, there is a lot of flexibility for whatever Weslaco businesses may need from energy companies. This Texas electricity rate is lower than the national average commercial electricity rate of 10.09 cents per kWh, making Weslaco, TX an attractive town to start a business in.

Industrial Electricity Rates in Weslaco

Industrial electricity consumers in both Weslaco and the state of Texas can get an average electricity rate as low as 5.57 cents per kWh, which is less than the national average rate of 6.67 cents per kWh. Since Texas residents generally consume less energy than other industrial electricity consumers nationwide, their average monthly energy bill is more than 30% cheaper than the national average.

Save on Weslaco Electricity Rates Today

No matter if you are looking for residential electricity rates for 12 months, commercial electricity plans for 24 months, or industrial electricity rates for 36 months, you can find the best energy plans and rates to suit the needs of homes and companies across Weslaco, TX.

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