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Blog May 4, 2016

What Should You Really Pay Attention to for Max Energy Savings?

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Should you really be all that concerned about some of your energy savings mistakes?

For example, should you run to unplug your smartphone charger before you go to bed at night? Should you turn the brightness on the screen down so you don’t have to charge your phone up as often?

Well, from an energy savings perspective, don’t waste your time with that. Your smartphone, whether iPhone or Android, costs around $1 to operate each year. That’s just a few kilowatt-hours of electricity.

Not worth obsessing over.

So where do you want to spend your time searching for energy savings?

First, check out the data below on home energy use from

That’s pretty definitive right there. So let’s talk about ways you can score some big wins:

1. Heating

Yeah…we’re slipping into the cool time of the year. So, we’ll hit that part next. For now, you may have the occasional day where you think you need to turn the heating on.

Your first big win comes by simply turning down your thermostat. Each degree you can turn it down makes a difference. So if you can be comfortable at 67 instead of 68, that’s a win.

See how far you can go before you or others in your household get too uncomfortable.

You can also do the age-old trick of simply adding on another layer. Update your style. Maybe it’s time to add a new hoodie or thicker sweatpants to your wardrobe. Clothing manufacturers have all sorts of cool new styles for warmer wear.

Check out your furnace. If it’s older than a decade, you may have a good opportunity for boosting your savings by buying a more efficient one.

2. Cooling

Okay, so this is the season we’re in right now. It’s the second biggest energy sucker. Like your heating, consider starting by raising your thermostat a degree or two. Keep going up until you’ve reached your limit.

Turn your thermostat up when you leave for the day. And turn it up a little at night and sleep without sheets.

Make sure your ceiling fan, which should be on to help circulate air, turn in a counter-clockwise direction during summer. This creates a mini “wind-chill” effect that gives you the feeling of being cooler.

So…those are a couple ways you can score big energy savings, without making dramatic changes to your life that make you feel uncomfortable.

Enjoy the new money you find – and the help you do for the environment too!

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