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Blog Ene 6, 2014

What is Emergency Heat?


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During the freezing winter weather, it might be tempting to use the “Emergency Heat” setting on your thermostat to quickly heat a cold home. This setting is often misused and should only be activated when your heat pump is not working properly.

Heat pumps transport warmth from where it’s needed or not needed, depending on the season. During the cold weather months, the heat pump will extract outside heat from the air and transfer it inside to be dispersed through the ducts of your house.

When temperatures lower, the heat pump is not able to pull as much outside heat indoors. If your thermostat senses that outdoor temperatures are too cold for the heat pump to be the primary heat source, it will automatically switch to a secondary heat source such as electric or gas.

For most heat pumps, the supplemental heat source is electric resistance heat, also known as strip heat. If you have an all-electric home, your supplemental heat source is most likely electric resistance heat. For homes with natural gas, propane, or fuel oil, the supplemental heat may be supplied by a furnace. This is called a dual-fuel system.

Heat pumps are much more energy efficient than the emergency heat.

Using the “Emergency Heat” setting can cost twice what the heat pump costs in utility expenses. The “Emergency Heat” setting should only be used when the outdoor heat pump is not working properly, such as when it has been damaged in a storm. Switching to “Emergency Heat” is a manual setting that will lock out the heat pump and allow the backup heating source to provide 100% of the heating until a technician can fix the problem.

When the cold weather hits, keep the thermostat in the ‘Heat’ setting. Do NOT use the ‘Emergency Heat’ setting unless it’s really an emergency. You won’t notice a difference in how well it heats your home, but you will notice the difference in your electricity bill.

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