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Blog Mar 25, 2015

Warning: Gas Additives Don’t Work

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You hear about gas additives that you simply pour in your gas tank, and then you instantly have better gas mileage. Learn the truth about them.

Gas prices are historically low – did yours drop below $2 per gallon? When was the last time you can remember seeing that?

Fuel efficiency may not be your biggest concern right now, but eventually you will see those gas prices back up to normal. In the meantime, as an efficiency expert, you might be thinking of gas additives.

Why are Gas Additives Mostly Ineffective?

The truth is modern automakers have already optimized your car’s computer and its ability to make your fuel usage efficient. By changing the chemistry of your gasoline with a fuel additive, you can actually decrease your miles per gallon. And if these additives actually worked, wouldn’t you expect big brand names in the gasoline industry to sell them?

Why Do Some People Claim Gas Additives Work?

It’s most likely a combination of them observing their miles per gallon for the first time, and driving more carefully so they can justify the expense. You will see glowing testimonials from people who claim gas additives work, and those two things are most likely what they experience. And you should also avoid any of the DIY fuel additives that use acetone, as they can damage your vehicle’s seals and gaskets.

There is One Fuel Additive That Sometimes Works…

And no, this isn’t an advertisement. Cleaning your fuel injection cleaners can sometimes improve your mpg. But, that’s an “if,” and not a guarantee.

How Do You Reduce Gasoline Costs?

The best way is to do things the old-fashioned way:

  • Use the right octane for your vehicle (only use premium if your manufacturer recommends it)
  • Use a phone app or website to find the lowest gas prices
  • Use a rewards credit card that gives you 3% back on your gas purchases
  • Drive defensively and around the speed limit – gas mileage decreases rapidly above 60
  • Keep as much weight as possible out of vehicle
  • Only turn on the A/C and heat when you actually need them
  • Pack items on top of your car only when you’re going on vacation – their wind resistance reduces fuel efficiency
  • Properly inflate your tires

If you do those things, you keep your fuel efficiency high. And they work regardless of what kind of vehicle you have.

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