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Blog Dic 11, 2013

Warning! Avoid These 6 Energy Saving Myths

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Saving energy is a good thing, but only if you really end up saving energy. Unfortunately, some individuals will always take advantage of a good thing and attempt to sell you on ideas that really provide you no value.

Protect yourself by being aware of these energy saving myths:

1. Skip the Screen Savers

A screen saver is actually a file your computer is actively running. So in reality your computer is working as hard as ever. They’re really designed to keep your screen from having an image burned in.

If you really want to save energy on your PCs, set them to go into sleep mode after 10-15 minutes of inactivity. Do the same for your monitor.

2. Turning Appliances & Office Equipment Off

You are saving more energy versus when these are turned on. If you leave them off but keep them plugged in, they still drain electricity from the grid. Unplug them if they are not in use, or plug them into a power strip and turn the strip off when they are not in use.

3. Turn the Computer Off

Sleep mode significantly reduces the power a computer consumes and works well when you know you’ll be away for just a few minutes. However, it’s an energy drainer if you put your computer in sleep mode overnight. In fact, your computer and monitor could be using 12 watts of electricity if left in sleep mode. Remember to turn them off if you’re not going to use them for hours at a time.

4. Heating a Single Room with an Electric Heater Versus Heating the Whole House

This sounds true on the surface, right? Electric space heaters actually consume a large amount of energy. If you only use a particular room and need it heated for an extended period of time (think many hours per day), then an electric space heater makes sense. Otherwise, avoid using it.

5. Closing the Vent Saves Energy

Actually this only redirects the air. And in fact, it causes your HVAC system to consume more energy because it places more pressure on the fan, which makes the fan work harder.

6. New Homes are Energy Efficient

A home’s energy efficiency is actually more strongly related to its design and construction than to its age. New homes are on average more efficient, but they’re also not optimized for energy efficiency. If you recently moved into one, conducting your own energy audit may be a wise choice.

Protect Yourself from These Myths and Get Real Savings

Knowledge is power, so make sure you put it to use in this case. That way, you can end the day with more money in your pocket, and maybe you can use that to do something nice for your family or reduce some stressful bills.

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