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Blog Mar 23, 2016

Use Energy-Saving Film on Your Windows and Save Energy and Money

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You see tinted windows on cars.

They’re supposed to be there so you don’t notice who’s inside. But what better way to draw attention to yourself than by tinting the windows on your car?

Anyway, that’s not why we’re here today.

Instead, we’re here to talk about tinting your home’s windows, and the energy savings that can bring.

Have you ever seen a home with tinted windows?

Start Looking at Some Numbers to See How This Works

Your single-pane windows don’t reject the sun’s heat well. That makes them great for letting it in during the winter!

But during the summer, they only reject about 19% of the sun’s heat. So that means about 81% of it gets through.

Tinted windows boost that reduction to 35-45%. But energy-saving film can make that reduction up to 84%!

Why, Besides Energy Savings, Would You Buy Films to Keep the Sun’s Heat Out?

In addition to saving energy, you can also reduce hot and cold spots in your home. One of the causes of these is too much sun entering your home, leading to an imbalance in temperature. That also improves your personal comfort.

What Energy Savings Can You Expect to Get?

Up to 30%. Examine your energy bill and see what a 10%, 20%, or 30% cut in your energy costs could mean to you.

How Much Does Energy Saving Film Cost?

Let’s compare window film to getting replacement windows. Film takes just a few years to pay for itself. Replacement windows take about a decade, on average.

That’s a big advantage. But it’s not the most immediate one.

Installation for energy saving film costs about 10% of that of replacement windows. While film runs about $5 per foot, replacement windows cost $50 per foot.

That’s a huge difference!

Should You Use Energy-Saving Film on Your Windows?

That choice is going to have to be yours. You’ll have to make a decision that makes everyone in your family happy.

But from a financial perspective, you can’t argue with the savings window film offers!

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