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Blog Jul 15, 2018

Transferring Utilities When Moving


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Are you drowning in moving boxes, Dallas?

It doesn’t matter if you’re trekking all the way across the country or just across town, the whole moving process—including transferring to a new retail electric provider—can be a time of uncertainty for your family. And if your move is sparked by a new job for you or your wife, the headache-factor involved in moving can be ramped up because of the new work situation.

When you transfer utilities and service from the old residence to the new residence is a part of the moving process that can be a major hassle. But it doesn’t have to be stressful. Just follow these simple, but crucial, tips and you will easily de-stress the transferring of your utilities:

  • Make a list of the utilities that need to be transferred. Include the phone numbers for your current retail electric provider, telephone carrier, gas company, cable provider and any other utilities you currently have.
  • Contact your utility companies 14 days before the move, if possible. If that’s not possible, customer-friendly providers offer standard connection in two to three business days and priority same-day connection.
  • Schedule disconnection of all utility services at the old home. Be sure to set up disconnection of electric, gas and water services the day after you leave—this will ensure that the power will be on until you lock that front door for the last time. Also, if you forget something and have to go back, you’ll have the light to find what you left behind.
  • If you put up a deposit with a utility provider at your old residence, ask for any refund due you. Also check to see if there is an unpaid balance or disconnection fee—that way you want get a surprise bill from the old provider.
  • Pay or plan to pay deposits for your new utilities. Planning for deposits keeps you from being strapped for cash due to unexpected moving expenses. Call ahead and find out what each utility provider charges for a deposit and either pay it or budget for it.
  • Schedule utilities at your new residence to be connected the day before you arrive. That way you have access to all the utilities you need, and you won’t have to unpack in the dark or in the heat or in the cold.
  • When setting up your new utility services, this is the perfect time to consider services that will slash your utility bills, such as prepaid electric service. It’s also a great time to seek out Retail Energy Providers who are involved in your new community’s growth and betterment. Active community involvement shows that a company cares about the community or communities it serves—and you can be sure that the caring is reflected in the company’s day-to-day customer interaction.

Now you’re ready to move—and you’ve got the tips to make transferring those utilities a piece of cake.

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