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Blog Feb 13, 2015

The Valentine’s Day Guide to Energy Savings

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Can you really mix romance and energy savings without killing the mood this Valentine’s Day? You can. Find out how in this post from Payless Power.

You’d think it would take all your creative juices to come up with a way to combine Valentine’s Day with energy savings…and you’d be right!

But we’ve managed to pull it off because energy savings and efficiency are our mental obsession 365 ¼ days per year…

With that in mind, here’s what you should think with energy savings when Valentine’s Day comes around each year:

1. Ladies – Watch your Blow Dryer!

If you don’t already have one, buy a low wattage blow dryer. Or if you like to be super-economical, skip it entirely. Let your true beauty shine through as your hair air-dries.

2. Gents – How about a Candlelight Dinner?

What puts women in a better mood than pleasing aromas? Not too many things. And a candlelight dinner is much more energy-efficient than using gas to drive your car around for a night out on the town. Plus, you don’t have to turn your lights on.

3. Hug Your Water Pipes with Insulation

This is a great tip, but it doesn’t have anything with how you should treat your spouse or partner on Valentine’s Day. If you think it will, there’s a good chance you’ll be striking out fellas.

As you wrap your pipes, make sure you do the same for your water heater (the biggest energy-user of all appliances in your home).

4. Enjoy an Evening in Front of the Fireplace

Forget the hot tub! Turn off your lights and television and sit and watch the fire with your loved one. Not only do you save some energy, but you get to reconnect you’re your significant other and enjoy some genuine quality time, which is much harder to come by these days.

5. Try These Energy-Efficient Gift Ideas

As nice as smartphones are, the one downside is they use an awful lot of battery power. Why not get your sweetie a solar smartphone charger? Or how about a soft fleece blanket that keeps her warm while you turn the thermostat down a few degrees?

6. If You Make Her Dinner, Do This

It’s a simple trick. If she, and maybe you too, don’t finish supper, don’t pop it in the fridge right away. But don’t let it sit out all night either so you don’t get on her bad side!

Do let your food cool thoroughly before you put it in the fridge, so your fridge doesn’t waste energy.

Men, remember that whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s Day, always put her first. You might be able to save $3 on energy efficiency, but it’s much more worth it to have your spouse know you love her.

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