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Blog Jul 6, 2015

The Single Best Home Energy Savings Tip

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What’s the number one thing you can do to save energy at home?

Would it be to wrap your water heater in a blanket?

Should you keep the blinds pulled shut during summer?

What about taking shorter showers?

All great tips. But this one’s far better. And you’ll get more energy savings than any other tip.

Teach Your Family Energy Savings Habits

Why’s this the best tip?

Think about it: you can only do so much yourself. But when you teach everyone else in your family what to do, the effects multiply.

Otherwise, you spend all your time getting on their case and monitoring their behavior. That creates a negative relationship in your family – and you don’t want that. And you have so many other things to do, it’s going to be hard to pay attention too.

How do you teach your family members to save energy?

Some simple tips to do that:

1. Model the Desired Behavior Yourself

Consistency makes a huge difference when changing behavior. If you don’t do it yourself, your family members will get angry and point out your wrongs.

You won’t do it perfectly. So you could ask them to help you watch your behavior. And then when they call you on your mistakes, admit to them.

2. Set Goals and Have Your Family Suggest Rewards for Achieving Them

Start with something small. For example, you could say: let’s cut our electric bill by 10% this month.

Ask your family members how they’d like you to reward them. Maybe you take them out for pizza or ice cream.

They’ll be much more motivated to save energy when there’s a reward waiting for them.

3. Remind Your Family How Helpful They Are for Participating

Keep the conversations positive. Don’t use them as times to point out where everyone’s going wrong and how they can improve.

Instead, focus on what’s going right and what your goal is. For example, focus on how you’ve noticed everyone’s taking shorter showers. Talk about how much water and money you’ve saved. Discuss the ways that impacts the environment positively.

And then discuss what needs to happen to meet your goal. Of course, remind your family the reward they get for achieving the goal.

Change Isn’t Easy!

Regardless of how you approach energy savings, it’s going to take hard work. And your family might resist at first.

But, use this approach, and you’ll notice less energy used, more money saved, and you’ll do your part to take care of the environment!

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