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Blog Mar 3, 2016

The 3 Biggest Causes of Big Carbon Footprints


Carbon dioxide emissions release into the atmosphere amplifies the greenhouse effect. That means our atmosphere warms up.

There’s intense debate as to the extent of this effect. Is it directly caused by human activities? Is it causing global warming, eventually to the point where life on earth becomes uninhabitable for human beings? Or is it really just beginning – becoming measurable for the first time in human history?

Honestly, we can’t answer that question. But regardless of what you think is happening, it’s always a good idea to reduce your carbon footprint.

Why even put it up to chance when you have the ability to do something about the problem right now?

Here are the biggest causes of additional carbon release into the atmosphere. Consider how your personal habits fit into the big picture:

1. The Biggest Cause of Carbon Emissions: Electricity

In this case, the responsibility only falls partially on you. About 37% of US carbon emissions come from the coal burned to produce electricity.

Around 20% of all electricity comes from nuclear power plants. While they cause images of nuclear explosions to come up in your mind, they do release substantially less carbon than coal plants – around 90% less.

What to learn: Consider your electricity consumption. Cut back where you can to reduce the carbon released in earth’s atmosphere. The more you can improve your energy efficiency the better for the planet. And of course – you’ll notice lower energy bills too.

2. Diesel and Gas Used for Transportation

This includes all forms of transportation – cars, buses, airplanes, boats, and trains. You have to remember that many of the people in this world do not own a car.

As other nations modernize, they’ll have older, inefficient vehicles contributing to climate change as well. That makes your actions all that much more important.

What to learn: Use your bike for transportation where possible. use public transportation like buses. Walk or run if you can too. When that’s not possible, plan your trips as efficiently as you can. You’ll save energy – and more money as gas prices rise once again.

3. Industrial Processing

Finally, this one doesn’t fall under your responsibility. Producing minerals like cement, iron, steel, and making chemicals is the number three cause of carbon release.

What to learn: Not a whole lot you can do about those things. You could avoid buying and using chemicals of any kind as much as possible. Many times those chemicals get discarded and end up polluting our environment in some way too.

What Can You Do?

That’s what’s happening with co2 greenhouse gas emissions at the big picture level. So now it raises the question: what small things can you do in your daily life to reduce your carbon footprint – and save some money at the same time?

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