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How to Switch Electric Companies

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You work hard for your money. You and your family deserve the best deal possible when it comes to electric service. So, how do you know it’s time to compare electric rates—and time to consider flipping the “off “switch on you current Retail Energy Provider and flipping the “on” switch with a new provider? Here are the warning signs that the time to switch electric providers.

  • When you’re talking to your neighbor—who has the same size house, also has two kids and has a different Retail Energy Provider—and you find out his bill averages $70 a month less than yours, the time to switch is now.
  • When you call your electric service provider about an error on your bill and you seem to be working harder during the call to resolve the problem than the person in the call center, the time to switch is now.
  • When you find out your current provider does not offer renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar and bio-fuels, that you believe are for the long-term good of the country, the time to switch is now.
  • When you find out your current provider isn’t a full disclosure company—which means that the company’s goal is to fully educate customers about their service, costs and expectations to avoid problems and customer service issues, the time to switch is now.
  • When you get that gnawing feeling that your electric service provider is taking advantage of you, the time to switch is now.

Millions of Texans have already exercised their right to compare electric rates and their right to select a retail service provider who has a plan that fits their budget and lifestyle. When you realize the time to switch is now, here are ten questions you need to ask:

  1. What will I pay per “kilowatt hour” (kWh) of electricity based on 1,000 kWh of average monthly usage?
  2. Does this rate include everything, including the electricity cost, the transmission and distribution charges, fuel charges, if any, as well as the monthly customer charge or other recurring fees?
  3. Is this offer a fixed rate offer, a variable rate offer, or an indexed offer? If it is a variable or indexed rate offer, how can it change, and how do I find out when, and by how much, the rate will change?
  4. Is there a contract? If so, how long is it for?
  5. Is a deposit required? If so, how much?
  6. What are my payment options?
  7. What happens when my contract period expires?
  8. What if I miss a payment?
  9. Is there a penalty if I break the contract?
  10. If I generate excess renewable electricity – does your company have a buy-back plan? What are the terms?

So, ask yourself, is the time to switch is now? If the answer is yes, switch to a retail electric service provider and start saving.

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