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Blog Oct 31, 2016

New Heat Pump Water Heater 3 Times More Efficient

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Which appliance single-handedly consumes the most energy in your home? Your furnace/central air conditioner is always tops.

In second place comes your water heater. And it’s an especially big energy hog if yours is an electric one.

Well, now you can put an end to that wasted energy with A.O. Smith’s new Voltex line of heat pump water heaters. They qualify for the highest tier of efficiency currently available under the Advanced Water Heater Specification. This standard was developed by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, whose sole goal is to make more efficient electric heat pump water heaters available to the market.

Homeowners can see up to a shocking 71% reduction in their electric water heating costs!

Please note that we’re not recommending or endorsing this product. And, we’re not profiting in any way off of it. However, because we’re an energy savings blog, it’s totally appropriate for us to make you aware of this product as a possible way to boost your energy savings.

How Do Heat Pump Water Heaters Boost Your Savings so Much?

With heat pump water heaters, you get the same amount of hot water just like you would with a standard water heater. Heat pump water heaters pull heat in from the air that surrounds them. They then use this heat to warm the water in their storage tank. They can do this even if the surrounding air feels cool to you.

The process is simply much more efficient than using electricity or gas to heat your water.

The biggest cost would be for the actual water heater. However, manufacturers offer promotional markdowns and, some utilities offer rebates, and state or federal tax credits are available to help you reduce the costs.

Regardless of the home you own, hot water heaters are always one of the biggest consumers of energy. So, they represent your quickest and easiest energy savings wins.

If you can’t get a Voltex, at least talk to your plumber about installing a heat pump water heater. You’ll be glad to have the energy savings!

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