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Blog Jul 9, 2014

How to Stay Cool in the Texas Heat…Affordably


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Summer’s in full swing…we’ve hit those high-90 temperatures once again, with some days going over 100+. That can raise your energy costs quite a bit, so how do you keep those under control and yourself comfortable at the same time?

Here’s our tips:

1. Pull the Blinds

The sun helps our plants grow, but when it comes to your personal comfort, it’s not your friend. By closing the blinds all day long, you keep your home cool naturally.

2. If You Let the Kids Play With the Hose…

Ideally you don’t do this because it wastes a ton of water. But if you simply have to, make sure there’s some sort of device on the end (versus just letting them spray the hose however they want). At least this gets most of the water going where you want it to go, so you’re apt to use less than you would if there were no flow control device at all.

3. Go Sightseeing

Yeah, this costs gas. But at least you don’t have to use any water or AC. And if you’re driving a fuel-efficient vehicle, you won’t use that much gas anyway.

5. Turn Your AC Off If You have to Leave Your Home for More than 8 Hours

This is the rule of thumb. Ignore the myth that turning your AC system on and off repeatedly wastes more energy than leave it on all the time. If you’re not comfortable turning it off, at least set the programmable thermostat to 3-5 degrees higher than your normal temperature to save some energy.

6. Only Turn Ceiling Fans on When You are in the Room with Them

You may have heard some talk about keeping ceiling fans on all the time to circulate air throughout your home and reduce the need for your AC. The truth is ceiling fans only help you feel cooler when you are actually in the room with them. Keeping them on when you are not in the room only costs you more energy and money.

7. Shut Your Fireplace Damper During the Cooler Months

This is an easy one to forget. How would you actually be able to tell you had accidentally left this open? Unless you scrutinize your energy bill carefully, you’ll never notice. Make sure you check it if you haven’t already.

If you follow those tips, you’ll notice a nice dip in your monthly energy bills during these intensely hot summer months. What could your family do with the extra cash you save?

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