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Blog Nov 19, 2018

How to Hang Christmas Lights


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The holidays are fast approaching and many people are searching for new holiday lighting tips for their holiday decorating. Your retail electric provider has some great ideas for using lights to decorate your home or apartment for the holiday.

Starlit Table Decoration

One simple holiday lighting tip to make any table look festive this holiday season is to create the illusion of stars behind your table covering. Use a light colored tablecloth to cover your table.  Use masking tape to tape strings of white holiday lights around the bottom edge of your table, looping the lights so they are at varying lengths, but be careful not to let the lights hang below the table covering. The lights will shine through the table covering, giving it a starlit look.

Indoor Spotlight

Another interesting holiday lighting tip is to use clip-on plant or aquarium lights to spotlight special holiday arrangements, such as a nativity scene, mantle decorations or gingerbread houses.  These lights are inexpensive and are available at many discount or pet stores.

Avoid the Tangles

Instead of wrapping strings of lights around trees and bushes in your yard, one holiday lighting tip is take advantage of the wide variety of wire trees and net-style lights that make outdoor decorating much easier. Wire trees come in a variety of heights and colors, giving you the decorating freedom you want without having to untangle strings of lights.

Light Your Driveway

A holiday lighting tip that will give your yard or balcony an old-fashioned look is to line walkways, patios, decks or balconies with luminaries. Using stencils and scissors cut out holiday designs in white paper bags and place a candle or solar powered light inside the bag. Remember, you should not to leave candles unattended for any length of time.

Garden Statuary

Place clusters of lights in the hands of garden statues, such as cherubs, angels, and even gnomes for an interesting holiday lighting tip. You can also place clusters of lights inside birdbath bowls for an interesting holiday effect.

Holiday lighting gives your home a festive, warm feeling and these holiday lighting tips are just a few of the many ways you can use lights to decorate your home.  Visit your retail electric provider for more holiday lighting tips.

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