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Blog Feb 28, 2016

How Much Energy do Your Technological Gadgets Use?

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Should you panic about the amount of energy each of your tech gadgets uses? Should you constantly monitor whether they’re off or in sleep mode, just so you never waste their battery and don’t have to charge it up again? Find out the truth about each in this post.

1. Smartphones

Is your Android-based smartphone an energy hog? Not a chance. It uses just 1 kWh of electricity yearly, costing about 12 cents or so annually, depending on the rate your power company charges.

What about iPhone? It’s a real energy suck compared to Android. It eats up a massive 2 kWh, and costs you about a quarter to run each year.

So you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about with your smartphones.

2. What about Tablet PCs?

iPads are nothing to worry about energy wise either. They consume about $1.36 in energy each year. So even if you’re a heavy iPad user, you’ve got absolutely nothing to be concerned with.

We don’t have specific data on Microsoft Surface. But you can safely assume it’s well within an acceptable range.

3. What about Laptops?

They have far bigger screens than tablet PCs and smartphones. So their energy use will be much higher.

But even laptops don’t consume that much energy. It’ll cost you around $10 per year to run yours.

4. And What about Other Devices?

Well, you’ve really got nothing to worry about there either. Xbox One and PS4 cost about $40 per year to run for the average gamer. Plasma TVs cost about the same to run.

And your cable box with DVR– that costs around $30.

Don’t Worry about Technology!

When it comes to tech gadgets, you clearly don’t even have to waste your time thinking about whether you should turn them off or on or plug them into charge or not. You’re likely paying $100 – $200 for all the gadgets in your household among all your family members.

You’re better off spending your time looking at the bigger consumers of energy. So that’s things like your HVAC system, water heater, and water usage. Or if you have an appliance that’s 10-15 years old – it might be a good time to replace it.

Those are your big wins. And for now, don’t worry about any of the technological devices you and your family own.

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