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Blog May 15, 2017

Home Hacks- How to Save by Making Small Changes in Your Home!

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Taking on large tasks in an effort to save money on your energy bill can be daunting, we know! We aren’t asking you to fork up the cash to convert to solar energy! We just want to help you make small changes that can make a big difference in your bill. That is why we have provided you with these hacks to help you spend less money on you’re A/C and energy bill this summer!

1. Clean Your Vents

Dust and other buildup can cause your air conditioning vents to run less efficiently. It is imperative to clean your vents to allow for both efficient airflow, as well as reduce the number of allergens in your home. Having a hard time remembering how frequently you should clean your vents? Try to remember to clean them once a season. 4 times a year is better than none! The same goes with replacing HVAC filters!

2. Use Your Fan Sparingly

Did you know that ceiling fans and tower fans don’t actually cool your room? Nope. They just cool the people (or pets) inside the room by circulating air. So as much as you may think leaving a fan on all day helps beat the heat in the summertime, you’re just bumping up your energy costs!

3. Don’t Forget the Fireplace!

Fireplaces are great, especially in the winter. You know what isn’t great? Forgetting you’ve left the damper open all summer, allowing that precious cool air conditioning to escape! Close your damper!!!

4. Go Through the Motions

Install motion detectors and timers to use your lights more efficiently. This is especially important for outdoor lighting. There is no sense in leaving outdoor lights on all night! Set them to be on a timer for the time you go to bed to sunrise!

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