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Blog Dic 22, 2014

Ho-Ho-Ho: ‘Tis the Season for Energy Savings: 8 Tips from Payless Power

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Save some energy – and maybe the whole holiday season too – with these Christmas energy savings tips from Payless Power. Learn more in this post.

Nobody likes a Scrooge! If money’s hard to come by this Christmas, save some with these tips. Then, take those savings and pay them forward to your family and friends with gifts.

How can you save energy this Christmas?

A few tips:

1. Christmas Lights

This one’s gotten much easier with the growing popularity of LED lights. If you can only afford a few strands, buy them. They cut your electricity usage by 80-90%. Also, if one goes out, the rest of the strand still stays lit.

Then you can slowly add them to the mix over the years.

Is that too much of an investment now? Get an automatic timer for all your lights – indoors and outside.

2. Use Fiber Optic Decorations Where Possible

Most often, just a single light bulb illuminates the entire unit!

3. Get Rid of the Lights…and Use Candles

Set them up on either side of the walk leading up to your front door. Use them inside too, but probably not on your Christmas tree.

Not only do you save energy, but they give your home a gorgeous glow lights simply can’t match.

4. Turn Down the Thermostat When You Have Guests

More bodies in your home means more heat radiates throughout. Knock your thermostat down 2-4 degrees when you have guests over for the day.

5. Use Your Oven Efficiently

Of all the methods you can use to cook, an electric oven consumes the most energy. Use a toaster or microwave if possible.

Do you have one food item to cook at 400° and another at 350°? Cook them both at 375°!

6. Walk Instead of Using Your Car

Yeah there’s a lot of driving to do during the holidays. If you live close enough to some places you frequent, though, put on your snow boots and walk. Not only do you save energy, but you’ll improve your health a little bit too.

7. Buy Energy STAR Lights

Not only may these be LED lights, but you can often find many rebates on them as well. Plus, they have a nice bonus in their 3-year warranty.

8. Use Light Reflection to Your Advantage

Tinsel and metal ornaments can appear just as bright at night. If your neighbors love to go nuts with their lights, use this tip.

You can still spread holiday cheer while also saving energy…and these tips help make that possible!

We hope you put them to use and save some energy this Christmas.

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