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Blog Nov 28, 2016

Easy Energy Hacks Guaranteed to Save you $$!

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Want to hack your electricity bill? Here’s how, and it’s not even that difficult! We often forget about the little things that are running up our bill. We’re here to help remind you to unplug that unused appliance and help keep your money in your wallet!

1. Close those vents!

Air can get into your home the sneakiest ways! One of those ways is through open air vents. Close air vents in rooms you aren’t using (guest room, dining room, etc.). This will force the air to be redirected to those rooms with open vents to keep you warm all winter long.

2. Unplug small appliances.

Even though you’re not using that coffee maker every day, keeping it plugged in is still running up your energy bill. Appliances that are frequently left plugged in are: toasters/toaster ovens, blenders, coffee makers and lamps. If it isn’t in use, don’t let it run up your bill!

3. Dim the lights!

Install a dimmer on your light switch. This is an easy (and inexpensive) energy hack that will help you save money. Dimmers reduce power to the lighting source, so they can save energy and can even extend the life of your light bulb!

4. Take shorter showers.

This may seem like a no brainer, but shortening the length of time you spend in the shower can save you big time! Also, try to refrain from waiting several minutes for your shower to heat up. Every minute the water is running is money out of your wallet!

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