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Blog Nov 4, 2014

Don’t Fall for Energy Saving Marketing Hype

Ahorro de energía

American business – sometimes it does great things for consumers. And then others, well, some not so good things happen.

Marketers know you love to save money, and unfortunately some of them will tell you anything to get it.

What is some of the great marketing hype in recent years that you shouldn’t trust?

Here are a few things:

1. The Toyota Prius Saves Energy

Now if you factor in just the use of this car itself, it does save energy. But some reports, and even the company, noted the plant Toyota uses to make this car used more total energy than it saves over its lifetime.

Whenever you have to buy something new, keep in mind it took some energy to make it too.

2. New Windows

Windows do leak and cost you energy throughout the year. However, they don’t cause the biggest leaks. And if you install new windows, you won’t experience huge energy savings.

In fact, it takes 20-70 years for your new windows to pay for themselves. Use insulation, weather stripping, or repair them instead.

3. Installing Solar Panels to Produce Energy for Your Home

Now just like new windows, solar panels do save energy for your home. But the payoff from a financial perspective can be long down the road.

Plus, contractors can be tricky with their pricing. And again with these, there’s questions about whether they actually save energy, as they take a lot of it to produce.

Don’t run out the door and get them now. But do keep watching them in the future. Manufacturers are finding more ways to produce them efficiently.

4. Newer Homes are More Energy Efficient than Older Ones

Some are and some are not. It really depends on how they’re designed. If you’re thinking about buying a new home, don’t assume it’s more efficient than your current one.

Ask the realtor about efficiency. Do some research on what you should find and inspect the new home yourself.

Don’t take whatever you hear at face value.

5. Getting a New HVAC System Makes You More Efficient

Again, you may or may not realize energy savings. You will get some savings right away. But one problem is that many systems are installed improperly, leading to up to 33% wasted energy.

Make sure you know the installing contractor well so you guarantee yourself full energy savings.

Stay Safe Out There!

If you pay attention to these big things, you’ll realize the best savings. Make sure you do your research, and only work with contractors you trust with your life.

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