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Do Your Favorite Companies Save Energy Like This?

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Everyone needs to do the right thing – and your favorite companies should too. Do they do these green-friendly things?

You have your favorite corporations. But even though it’s popular to be green-friendly, not every company does it.

And doesn’t it feel great when you know the companies you give your hard-earned money to do the right thing behind the scenes?

Next time you talk to their customer service, ask them if they do these things:

1. Use Environmentally-Preferred Materials

Called “EPMs,’ they’re an alternative to new petro-chemical products and parts. Make sure that anything they manufacture or use comes from EPMs or sustainable materials.

2. Use LED And/Or Natural Lighting

For many large companies, saving energy isn’t rocket science. One of the key things most can do is replace their old inefficient lighting with newer LED lighting.

If they have the budget to renovate their building, or if they’re moving to a new one, they should take advantage of the sun’s natural light too. Natural light’s also better for their employee’s health and morale, too, so that helps you get better service.

Costco and WalMart are examples of two large retailers for consumers that use a combination of electric and natural lighting to light their stores.

3. Does It Monitor and Record Its Energy Use

According to this article at Forbes, that’s what certified B-corporations do. New Belgium Brewing monitors and records all its energy use, waste production, and emissions. It also recycles, reuses, or composts more than 75% of the waste it produces.

You don’t have to ask your company to do this, but this company also has bikes and Toyota Prius’s available for employees to run local errands.


4. Are Employees Educated to Shut Down Computers for the Night?

They have to be on all day, but they can be turned off at night. This practice alone could save 1,000 pounds of greenhouse gases annually per employee.

5. Do They Use Recycled Paper?

The Information Age was supposed to reduce paper because everything would be stored electronically. But, it’s produced more information, and paper, than ever before.

Recycled paper is cheaper and just as good in quality as new paper. Make sure your company does it.

6. Do They Use Green Power Strips?

You’ve heard about vampire power, the type of power that gets drained even when you’ve turned off your electronic devices. It happens at work too. So make sure your company uses green Belkin 6-Outlet Surge Protector with 2-Foot Cord (2-Pack)
that turn off automatically at night.

You Determine What Companies Do!

Remember, companies aren’t ultimately accountable to the CEO. They’re accountable to you, the consumer.

If enough customers stop paying and use a different company, companies have to adjust or go out of business.

So make sure your favorite companies are going green!

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