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Blog May 17, 2012

Cheap Texas Vacations


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If you are looking for some summertime fun, cheap Texas vacations may be just what you need! Even for those living on a tight budget, it is important to get some time away from work and everyday life. Finding a little bit of extra cash can be a challenge, but it is not impossible, particularly in Texas where deregulation of utilities has caused electric providers across the state to offer cheap electricity from renewable resources, in order to compete for your business. You can cut a little from your grocery budget, trim some off your clothing allowance, or even find better electric rates in your city to make some room for a vacation fund. Whether it’s a weekend away, or a full week stay, here are some ideas for cheap Texas vacations you can take with your family and friends.

  • Enjoy the great outdoors at Lake Meredith. Lake Meredith is part of the National Park System, and has no entrance fee. Even better, the park campsites are free to use, on a first come, first served basis. This makes for one of the more beautiful cheap Texas vacations, with lake view campsites, spring wildflowers, and wildlife and bird watching opportunities. Horseback riding trails, as well as swimming and boating areas, make this a memorable place to visit.
  • Experience the Hill Country, in San Marcos. An easy drive from Austin and San Antonio, San Marcos is one of the more popular small-town destinations in Texas. Many of its attractions have to do with the San Marcos River, one of the most popular activities being the famous glass bottom boat rides over its crystal clear waters. There are plenty of dry activities as well, including cave tours and shopping.
  • Capture some cultural flavor, at the Fiesta Noche del Rio, in San Antonio. Through August 11, visitors to San Antonio can enjoy the longest-running outdoor musical revue of its kind in the United States, with seven acts of songs, dances and colorful costumes from Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Texas. San Antonio is always a fun place to visit, and can be among the most diverse and cheap Texas vacations, with the Riverwalk and the Alamo just two of the many delights of the city.
  • If you like the Victorian Era, you will love Fredericksburg. Founded in 1846, Fredericksburg is a quaint small town with much of its original architecture. Bed-and-breakfast inns are plentiful, vineyards and art galleries abound, and the shopping is excellent, so plan a weekend getaway to relax and enjoy this little town and its German flair.
  • Port Aransas offers a beach vacation and free music. From 7-9 each night, this seaside town offers free concerts from April to October. During the day, you and your family can relax and enjoy the beach, the sun, the fishing, and the eclectic mix of art galleries and boutiques.

As this list of cheap Texas vacations illustrates, you don’t have to have a huge vacation fund to enjoy some time away. You can set a little aside each month by cutting your monthly bills, and Payless Power can give you the power to pay less on your utility bills! To learn more about the convenience of prepaid electricity in Texas, and how to choose between electric companies in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston or other Texas cities, visit the Payless Power website. Contact us today, and start saving for that next trip!

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