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Blog Feb 10, 2017

Biggest Energy-Wasting Habits At Home

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Besides the obvious energy-wasters (leaving lights on, leaving electronics plugged in, using incandescent bulbs) there are still some habits you could be doing in your day-to-day life that are eating away at your energy bill. Just stopping one of these habits could save you tons each month! Take a look at our top energy-wasting habits and how to change them today.

1. Powering an Extra Fridge or Freezer

This certainly isn’t an issue for everyone, but many people have an extra fridge and/or freezer in their basement. Consider this, if you don’t have much (or anything) in your spare fridge or freezer, unplug it. There is no use powering something you don’t use, especially something as large as a refrigerator.

2. Running the Dishwasher Half-Full

Did you know that running a dishwasher once a day can cost up to $66 a year? It might not seem like much, but these unnecessary wash cycles add up! You can cut down on energy expenditure by hand washing dishes, and only running the dishwasher when it is full! Give it a try, we bet you’ll see a difference in your bill!

3. Heating or Cooling Your Home Unnecessarily

Heating and cooling can consume almost half of a home’s total energy. Think about it, do you consciously check the thermostat before you walk out the door every day? We don’t always check either! Choose a programmable thermostat. Now you’ll no longer have to wonder if you left the heat on for 8 hours while you were at work!

4.Forgetting to Change HVAC Filters

Most people forget that their HVAC filters need to be changed regularly for your home’s HVAC system to run properly and efficiently. If you haven’t changed your filters regularly, the filters are likely clogged. Clogged filters cause the HVAC to spend more energy pulling the air in. Try to change your filters once a season.

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