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Blog Ago 13, 2014

7 Surprising Energy Savings Tips

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Okay – so you think you’re the most energy-efficient homeowner there is? Before you go stroking your ego about your environmental friendliness, make sure you’ve used these tips:

1. Use a Rain Barrel to Collect Water

An inch of rainfall on a 1,000 square foot roof gives you 600, yes 600, gallons of water! You can water your entire yard and garden for free by collecting this water in a rain barrel. In fact, you could fill several rain barrels if you really wanted to.

Just make sure you install your rain barrel correctly.

2. Stay Married

Who’d have thought marriage is more environmentally friendly? Think of it this way: if you two split up, you’d each need your own place to live. Michigan State researchers have found that divorced families add about 6,000 pounds more of carbon dioxide per year.

Keep your spouse happy!

3. Pack Your Fridge & Freezer Tightly

Think of it this way: the more available space they have inside, the more cool air sits in until you open the door. Then all that warm air from the kitchen rushes in to take its place. Do this for both your fridge and freezer.

4. Eat All-Local Meals

Now you personally won’t experience direct energy savings from this. But, think of all the energy it takes to process the food you eat, ship it, and then keep some of it cool at the store.

Buy from your local farmer’s market, and not only do you save energy, but you support the local economy too!

5. Stop Doing Your Dishes by Hand…

Okay, so almost everyone has a dishwasher. But here’s the thing most are missing: pre-rinsing costs you up to 20 gallons of heated water per day. And make sure you only wash with full loads.

Those energy savings add up quite nicely at the end of the year.

6. Buy a Halogen Oven

You can roast a chicken in 30 minutes! These ovens not only heat things up faster, but they use 75% less energy than conventional electric ovens.

7. Seal Your Home from Drafts

Leaks underneath your doors and around windows and attic doors actually add up to a significant amount of energy wasted each year. Make sure you have a tightly sealed home “envelope,” as the professionals say.

Did You Know All Those Tips?

A couple you might have, but most of these are fairly obscure. Which can you implement today to reduce the energy you consume?

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