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7 Energy Savings Ideas for Small Businesses

Ahorro de energía

Run your own small business? Find out some easy ways to save energy, and money, in this post from Payless Power.

Do you run your own small company? Are you a contractor? Maybe you work from home as a consultant. You could even have a small office.

Whatever you do, you need every bit of capital you can get to keep growing your business.

Here’s what you should be on the lookout for to save money and energy:

1. Consider Annual HVAC Maintenance

It doesn’t cost much, and it can catch costly major problems when they’re minor and inexpensive to fix. Not only do you save energy, but you save money on repairs and future maintenance too.

2. Watch Your Windows!

If you have a small office, consider hanging blinds to block the sun out during the day. You can even get solar screens that let you see out, and keep the sun from shining in too. That helps you save money during summer because your HVAC won’t have to work as hard.

During the winter, let the sun help you out and open up your blinds. You’ll save money and energy because its heat warms your office.

3. If You Rent Your Office Make Sure Your Landlord Uses CFLs

Not everyone’s made the change to CFLs or LEDs yet. CFLs are the best bang-for-your-buck these days, but LEDs, if your landlord can afford them, are much better. To put it in perspective, CFLs cost 75% less to operate, while lasting 10 times longer than incandescents.

4. Always Buy Energy Star Products

They represent the most energy-efficient products in the market. Computers, printers, copiers, fridges, TVs, windows, thermostats, and many others get rated by Energy Star.

5. Train Your Employees on Energy Usage Best Practices

Computer repair professionals know users are responsible for 90% of all problems they fix. And they repair the same ones over and over again.

The same is going to happen with energy usage at your small business with your employees. That is, unless you create official policy and refresh your employees with it annually.

6. Use Rechargeable Batteries

Yes, you can still get throwaway batteries. But evidence shows rechargeable batteries are much more effective. Plus, you save yourself a trip to the store, and having to go buy them.

7. Consider an Energy Audit

With privatization in the Texas electric industry, there’s plenty of competition to help SMBs like yours reduce energy usage. You can get a free energy audit that tells you exactly how you can save electricity from many utility companies.

There’s 7 ways you can save energy and money. And you can use that to grow your business, or take a nice little vacation!

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