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Blog May 11, 2015

7 Energy Saving Myths

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Energy saving only works when you work from the facts. Learn some the truths and untruths in this post from Payless Power.

Anyone who wants to be an energy savings “expert” online can. That means you can receive plenty of advice that doesn’t work at all.

Check out these energy savings falsehoods, and learn what you can do instead:

1. Fill Your Partially Empty Fridge or Freezer with Plastic Bottles of Water

There’s some truth to this – you do save energy. But the energy you save is so minuscule it doesn’t make enough of a difference to even do. And you might actually cost yourself net energy by using the water filled into those bottles.

2. Halogen Lighting is Incredibly Efficient

Again, there’s a little truth to this one. Halogen lighting is way more efficient than incandescent bulbs. But CFLs are even more efficient than halogen. And LEDs lights are more efficient than both CFLs and halogen lighting.

3. Insulating Your Ceiling Causes More Heat Loss in Other Areas

This one is simply untrue. However, if you do have other uninsulated areas of your home, they will lose more heat simply because they are not insulated.

4. Electric Heat is More Efficient than Any Fuel

Again, you have to examine this one carefully. Almost all the electricity that enters your electric heater turns into useful heat. However, actually making the heat causes as much as a 2/3 loss in energy.

So if you heat your home with electricity, think of the coal or natural gas plant miles away that produces that energy – and loses nearly 2/3 of it.

5. Foam Gaskets in Your Electrical Outlets Reduce Air Leakage

They do save energy, but the true savings are around 1%. If you’re trying to save energy, other things (like reducing your water heater’s temperature) are more worth your time.

If you’re an obsessive energy saver, though, go for it with the foam gaskets.

6. You Use Less Energy To Boil Hot Water from the Tap

It takes the same energy to boil both hot and cold water from the tap. Technically, you pay for warming the water in the tap and then boiling it. So you hurt yourself twice there.

7. Setting Your A/C Cooler Cools Your Room Faster

Truthfully, this just uses more energy. If you want to cool quickly, turn on a personal fan or ceiling fan. That actually takes much less energy.

When you hear those tips online, or from a well-intentioned friend or family member, don’t follow them. Take the wise action instead.

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