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Blog Jul 18, 2016

6 Ways to Stay Cool During Extreme Heat


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During the 2011 heat wave, more than a dozen people in Dallas died from severe heat exhaustion. It’s sad, and especially so because most of these deaths are completely preventable.

By the way, what should you do to deal with the extreme heat successfully? Follow these tips:

1. Stay Out of the Heat Any Way You Can

This one’s the easiest and most practical. Don’t spend any extra time in the heat, even if you feel like your body can tolerate it.

During a heat wave is not the time to go to the Dallas Zoo. Think the mall instead. If your HVAC dies out, spend the rest of the day in your basement, or go to a friend’s or family member’s home until it’s repaired.

2. If You Have to Exercise, Go to the Gym

Sweat doesn’t evaporate as quickly when the humidity is high, according to the CDC. So, you’re going to get hotter even faster if it’s super-hot and humid outside.

If you have an exercise routine you simply have to stick to, go to the gym.

3. Drink Water, Even When You’re Not Thirsty

By the time you actually feel thirsty, you’re already at risk for heat exhaustion. It’s not guaranteed to happen, but it’s more likely. So, even when you don’t feel all that thirsty, grab a drink.

If you walk by a water fountain, take just a small gulp. It’s so much easier to prevent heat exhaustion than it is to recover from it.

4. Avoid Drinking Dehydrating Fluids

Caffeine and alcohol may seem to quench your thirst, but they do not hydrate your body. In fact, they actually remove more water from your body than they add to it. Avoid both, and especially so if you are planning to be outside.

5. Eat This Instead of Hot Foods

According to MedicineNet, you’re better off eating frequent, smaller meals. You should also aim to consume more cold fruit or low-fat dairy foods. Not only do they help hydrate you, but you don’t have to cook either!

6. Watch Your Children, The Elderly, And Anyone Who’s Chronically Ill More Carefully

You know that someone’s always going to push or break these guidelines. Somehow, people die every year during a heat wave!

You can help by closely watching children, senior citizens, and anyone you know with a chronic illness. If you’re not sure, remember it never hurts to call 911, just in case. You may be saving the person’s life!

Extreme heat may present additional challenges to living your daily life, but don’t let it cause the end of yours! With these simple, common-sense tips, you will be able to keep yourself, and your family, safe.

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