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Blog Jul 24, 2016

5 Energy Savings “Tips” That Don’t Work At All

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Most of what you hear about energy savings is true. But some of what you hear isn’t. Yes, even energy savings fanatics, as well-intended as they are, say things that simply aren’t true. Or, they don’t really provide enough energy savings to warrant actually using the tip in your daily life

Check out some of those things:

Run Your AC and Ceiling Fans at the Same Time

A 1996 paper called “Are Energy Savings Due to Ceiling Fans Just Hot Air?” couldn’t find any statistically significant difference between households who did and did not do this. That does mean there could be very minimal energy savings. But if there are, you won’t notice it.

The real benefit of ceiling fans? Seems as though it’s the fact that they make you feel cool. As a result, you don’t need to keep your thermostat set as low.

2. Cleaning Your Refrigerator Coils

Diamond and Moezzi did a study in 1993 that checked for the energy savings this tip offers. They could find no or little difference in energy savings.

Today’s fridges are even more energy-efficient than the ones in their day. That means an even lower opportunity for energy savings.

You can clean your fridge’s coils if you want. But your time is likely spent better elsewhere.

3. HVAC Tune-Ups Don’t Necessarily Translate into Energy Savings

Michael Blasnik, a popular energy savings consultant, has spent years of his life debunking this myth. Tune-ups may prolong the life of some of the major heating and cooling appliances in your home, but it’s not too likely they actually save you energy.

4. Your Walls Don’t Need to Breathe

Have you ever heard indoor-air quality experts say “your walls need to breathe?” Yes, your house does need to breathe, but only in a highly controlled way. That means, sometimes, when things aren’t so good (for example when there’s lots of pollen outside), they shouldn’t breathe at all.

From an energy savings perspective, you want a house that’s airtight. Not one that breathes.

5. You Need to Caulk and Weatherstrip Your Home

You can do this if you want. But for most homes, it’s not a big energy saver at all. So it’s really up to you if you want to spend your time doing this.

Attics, basements, and garages are the areas of your home where you’ll see the most energy savings benefits.

Can you save energy doing these things? Yes. But they may not be worth your time or money. And you might not notice any savings at all.

Before you use any energy savings tip, make sure you know the truth behind it, but if you want a foolproof way to save money, check out our prepaid electricity options.

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