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Blog Sep 21, 2015

5 Energy Savings Lessons from the Celebs

Ahorro de energía

Sometimes you have to look to the stars for great energy savings ideas. Check out some nifty ideas in this post from Payless Power.

Gaudy mansions. 20 cars. Tennis courts. Basketball courts. Can celebrities, and their sometimes ostentatious lifestyles, ever be “green?”

Some do. You may not be able to do the same things they can do at scale. But you can do some of the very same things on a smaller, but impactful, level.

Check out some examples:

1. Lisa Ling, Acclaimed Television Journalist

Built in Santa Monica, her home may be the first carbon-neutral one in the entire city. It’s also LEED Platinum certified.

One interesting thing she doesn’t have – grass. Instead, she has all succulent plants in her landscaping. They’re thicker, fleshier plants that hold water better than grass, and especially so in drier climates.

She also uses all LED Lights-VOC paint.

2. Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston

This one may be out of the reach of most. But Cranston owns a net-zero energy home (2,450 square feet) in Ventura, California. It has rooftop solar panels, recycles rainwater, and energy-saving doors and windows.

Cranston’s goal isn’t to save as much energy as possible. Instead, he wants to show people it’s totally possible to live a modern lifestyle that’s energy efficient, but also doesn’t sacrifice any of the expected comforts.

3. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

The former Seinfeld star takes energy savings more seriously than most. She takes advantage of natural daylighting. Sustainable hardwood makes up the floors. Energy-efficient appliances and rooftop photovoltaic cells round out the list of energy improvements.

4. Tricia Helfer

Known to the esoteric crowd who followed Battlestar Galactica, Tricia built an off-the-grid home in her native Alberta, Canada. Rainwater collection systems, masonry heaters, and photovoltaics help make her home energy-efficient.

5. Daryl Hannah

Tricia Helfer publicly admits to not knowing a whole heck of a lot about being green. However, Daryl Hannah’s much the opposite. Popular in the 80s, she now devotes much of her time to promoting green causes. So much so, in fact, that she’s been arrested a few times for her actions.

You don’t have to go that far for green causes. Her green-friendly home is located in Telluride, Colorado. She has an extensive organic garden, greywater recycling (reusing the gently used water from sinks, showers, tubs, and washing machines), and backup biodiesel generator.

And if you’re a little extreme like Hannah, consider putting a moss-covered stone couch in your living room.

So maybe you won’t be doing that last one anytime soon. But many of those ideas you can apply easily and affordably.

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