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Blog Ene 21, 2016

5 Electricity Savings Tips So Senseless You Should Ignore Them

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Black Friday and Small Business Saturday have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean holiday savings are over. Cyber Monday is November 27 and is a great chance to snag deals on gifts for all the people on your list. But, even if you missed all of the deal days, don’t worry. Check out the tips below to help you save this season.

Some electricity savings tips are just…well they’re just plain stupid. And you should totally ignore them.

Because they make your life really inconvenient. Or the time you spend making them happen far outweighs the money you save.

Check out these dumb tips we’ve heard to get an idea of what we mean:

1. Wear Slippers and a Hat During Winter…When You’re Inside Your Home

Okay, so maybe slippers aren’t ridiculous. But one website we found, and we won’t mention their name, recommended wearing a hat inside all winter long. That’s because most of the heat in your body escapes through your head.

That’s true. But, could you imagine everyone in your family wearing stocking caps all winter long, and sitting around in the living room talking to one another? The only time they take theirs off would be to take a shower!

Come on! No one wants to do that. Can you imagine the complaining?

2. Turn Down the Thermostat One Degree When Guests Come Over

So tell us, who’s thinking goes like that? “Uh-oh. Here come our guests. Let’s make sure to turn the thermostat down one single degree for two hours while they stay over.”

Seriously? You’ll save maybe 50 cents, if that. Some “energy savings opportunities” simply aren’t worth the hassle. Focus on having a good time with your guests instead.

3. Fill Your Half-Empty Fridge or Freezer with Bottles of Water

Technically, you will save energy with this tip. But not nearly enough to justify the cost of buying the water from the store. You’re looking at pennies at best.

But even major utilities, like Wisconsin Public Service, tell you to do it. If you actually take this tip seriously, you belong on “Extreme Cheapskates.”

4. Install Foam Gaskets Under Your Electrical Outlets

Again, you will save energy with this one. But they cost at least $1 a piece. It may take years before you recoup that dollar.

Ever heard the saying,”Can’t see the forest from the trees?” This one falls into that category. Don’t waste your short life doing it.

5. Install Replacement Windows

Yes, windows do save energy. And sometimes a significant amount of energy. But it’s not a practical tip because it costs a lot of money to replace your windows.

So it’ll be years before you see any real financial savings, and possibly never. The only reasons you would install new windows are:

  • To make your spouse happy
  • You don’t like yours anymore
  • You really want to help the environment, even if it costs you money

Do whatever you want. We’re not here to judge you. But it’s important you know the reality of installing new windows.

Be Careful When You Read Energy Savings “Tips”

The internet lets anyone with a computer become an “expert.” So read those energy savings tips you find on the web carefully. And check them out from multiple sources to ensure they’ll give you a worthwhile benefit for your time.

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