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Blog Oct 26, 2015

4 Sneaky Ways to Save Energy This Fall

Ahorro de energía

Halloween is the time of year to be sneaky, underhanded, and maybe slightly deceptive (but in a fun, not harmful, way).

Try putting fake cockroaches in your children’s favorite cereal box.

Buy an undead teddy bear and sneak it into your child’s collection, or if you’re gutsy, into their arms as they sleep.

Use this camera hoax app to add a fake ghost to one of your family photos – and terrify everyone!

April Fool’s day is no fun – everyone’s expecting something. But, you can surprise and scare the living daylights out of your closest family members with those simple tricks.

Oh, and you can surprise your family with some extra money from additional energy savings like these too:

1. Start with the Coffee Maker

You gotta have coffee, so throwing it away is not an option. But do you know where coffee makers waste serious energy?

When they keep your coffee warm. Instead of letting your coffee maker warm your coffee, dump it into a thermos immediately after it finishes brewing.

You’ll save a sweet $4.90 per month.

2. CFL Lighting Has Some Nice Hidden Savings Benefits

Incandescent lights not only waste electricity, but about 90% of their energy actually generates heat, not electricity.

So not only do you pay to keep the lights on, but you pay to cool your home off from the additional heat they produce.

The best solution is LED Lights. But they’re not necessarily affordable for everyone (although they’re getting close).

CFLs are affordable. They use 75% less electricity and don’t create nearly as much heat.

3. What to Do with Washing Dishes

Hand-washing dishes has a surprising energy savings benefit: less heat used to heat the water. 80% of the savings comes from that, and 20% comes from the reduced water use.

You can save when your dishwasher does its drying. Air-dry if your dishwasher has the option – it uses 15-50% less energy than the heat-drying option. If you can’t do that, let your dishwasher rinse, and then open the door and let your dishes air dry.

You’ll save $3 per month.

4. Quilted Curtains Block Sneaky Drafts

Most likely, drafts will come from your windows. But it can be hard to find their true source.

So you can make your life easier by simply buying quilted curtains. It takes less than 10 minutes to install them.

You’ll feel more comfortable, and you can turn the temperature down.

The final savings, in this case, are up to you!

Your energy bills won’t sneak up on you if you follow those slick tips.

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