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Blog May 19, 2015

3 Tips to Cut Your Energy Use Without Reducing Your Comfort

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You hear about these energy savings fanatics in the news all the time.

For example:

  • Use a portable heater to only heat the space near your body, and turn down the furnace
  • Someone wears a Snuggie all winter to stay warm
  • One guy creates an elaborate system for collecting rain water to drink

These stories are rare, but people actually do these things. You should do it too, these stories suggest.

But do you really want to do that?

You want to be comfortable. Sure, a little change here and there is fine.

But you don’t want to undergo drastic measures. It sucks so much joy out of your life. And instead of feeling happy and comfortable, you hate facing the day because it’s no fun to live.

So what changes can you make that help you save a noticeable amount of energy, but don’t sacrifice your comfort?

Try these:

1. Get an Energy Audit

Believe it or not, the greatest energy savings aren’t necessarily lifestyle changes you can make. In many Texas homes, even “state-of-the-art” ones, insulation wasn’t installed properly by the contractor. Or, they didn’t ventilate your home properly.

In Texas, home energy audits are free (they cost $250 – $800 in many other states). Just Google “free energy audit Texas” to find resources.

2. Find and Plug Air Leaks

If you do a home energy audit, they should find these issues for you. But maybe you’re a do-it-yourselfer.

If you are, look for leaks in your foundation, walls, ceilings, and roof. Combined, these leaks can let out as much air as an open window.

This tip (and the others) comes from Consumer Reports, who also says to watch out for window companies that hard sell you. Window companies sometimes say 40-50% savings, and the FTC has warned them to stop. Speaking of your windows, they say you should expect 7-15% energy savings in a single year.

By the way, if money is your concern, windows aren’t a good way to save it. A typical payback time is 20 years!

3. Switch Up to a Hybrid Water Heater

In any household, water heaters are the biggest electricity thief. Consumer reports says you could save $350 per year with a hybrid water heater. They use electric and a heat pump that pulls heat from the air.

Tax credits are still available for installing this type of water heater. And they’re reasonably significant in value.

Wow! You Can Save Energy and Enjoy Life Too

Saving energy and living comfortable don’t have to be two different things. Insert these tips into your life, and you can save energy, money, and live comfortably too.

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