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Blog Jun 27, 2016

3 Energy Savings Tips for Fanatics Only

Ahorro de energía

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You know someone in your life who takes something to a nearly insane level. It’s clearly unhealthy, whatever it is that they’re doing.

Maybe they have a Star Wars obsession. Could be Harry Potter. Or, maybe they just got to have the home and front yard that looks like it belongs on a magazine cover.

As you know, some people go to that extreme with energy savings. You can decide whether or not these tips are for you. But, do brace yourself, and make sure you’re sitting down as you read these. Because, they are definitely, without any question at all, extreme.

However, you never know. You might find a simple one that seems attractive to you. Check out some of the nuttiest ways to save energy that we’ve been able to find from around the web:

1. Take a Three-Minute Shower

It’s called the “Navy shower” by some. And technically, it only lasts two minutes. It works like this. First, you run your shower for one minute and enjoy the warm water. Then, you turn it off. For the next minute, you lather up in soap. And then, during the final minute, you rinse off.

Not very pleasant. But definitely very efficient. And you could get decent savings because your water heater is usually the second biggest user of energy in your home.

2. Put a Sponge in Your Mailbox

No, you’re not trying to creep out your mailman. Leave a note for them so they know to expect it if you decide to do this. And of course, you can only do it if your mailbox is physically embedded in your wall.

It blocks the airflow, so your home stays better insulated.

3. Knit a Hat While You Rock in A Chair

This one sounds downright bizarre at first, but hear us out before you make your decision. Swiss university ECAL students Damien Ludi and Colin Peillex came up with this invention.

You simply sit in a rocking chair and rock it, which creates kinetic energy. This energy then is used to knit a hat. And because most of the heat in your body is lost through your head, putting that hat on during the winter would help you feel warmer and reduce your need to turn the heat on.

Crazy, but true! You can learn more about the invention here.

So… those are 3 crazy ways to save energy. Which will you try?

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