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Blog Feb 4, 2015

2015’s Most Energy-Efficient Appliances & Devices

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Need to save money for the long-term? Then you’ll want to buy these energy-efficient appliances and devices. Learn what they are in this post.

When you go out to buy any new appliance or electronic device, you have about a million choices available to you. Fortunately, Energy Star has identified some of the most efficient appliances and devices available to you here in 2015.

These are some of their top choices:

1. Large Clothes Washers

Got a large family? No problem. Energy Star has identified this large clothes washer as one of the most efficient for 2015:

Kenmore 417.4112

  • Cost: $899
  • Capacity: 3.7 cubic ft.
  • Annual kWh energy use: 96

This Kenmore model has a Vibration Guard that keeps the unit especially quiet, making it perfect for use on the 2nd floor of your home. It also has a slick Stain Boost feature, which adds more soak time to help you remove tough stains like blood, mud, and grass stains.

2. Medium, Large, & Extra-Large Refrigerators

The winner in this category is the Bosch B11CB50SSS/01.

It weighs in at a nice 13.0 cubic feet, making it the perfect size for an average family of 4. Besides being super energy-efficient, it also has:

  • A hidden hinge and reversible doors that allow it to be mounted almost completely flush with your walls
  • Energy-saving interior LED lighting
  • A unique HydroFresh drawer the prolongs the time fruits and vegetables stay fresh

3. Heat Pump

The winner here is the Fujitsu Halcyon Model RLFCC, which comes in up to a 24 SEER rating.

It’s also nice and quiet, as it operates with a sound level of around 48 dB. The indoor model AUU9RLF is the most efficient – 44% savings over the Federally required minimum. Model AUU12RLF gives you a 39% energy savings.

4. Windows

They’re one of the largest sources of energy loss in your home, so you want to make sure you have energy-efficient ones. If you like vertical sliding windows, the American Exteriors Diplomat Triple, Alside A501, and EnergyQuest-MAX product lines are some of the most efficient windows available.

If you like windows that slide horizontally, Champion Window’s Comfort 365 Extreme Energy, the EnergyWall 7030 and 8030 sliders, and Ideal Window Manufacturing’s UltraTite, PerfectFit, Majestic, and Lifescapes product lines are all a good purchase.

5. Television – 35 – 50”

Now you can watch TV and not feel guilty about your energy use! The Vizio E390-B1 costs just $6 to operate annually…wow!

And these models are available too:

  • LG 42LB5800: $6 annual operating cost
  • Samsung UN48H4203AF: $7 annual operating cost
  • SONY KDL-50W800B: $8 operating cost

You really can’t go wrong with any of these TVs as far as energy efficiency. Just make sure they have the functionality you want.

If you want to save energy on appliances and electronic devices in 2015 and beyond, now you have an awesome selection to choose from. Here’s to bigger and better energy savings for you and your family!

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