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10 Energy Savings Tips for Extreme Energy Savers

Ahorro de energía

Buying CFLs, getting Energy Star appliances, driving the speed limit…those are the easy energy savings approaches for beginners.

But you, you like a REAL challenge. You want to save energy like no one else you know.

You don’t mind doing things other people might call “crazy” or “extreme.”

You’re fearless and try anything at least once.

So here’s some energy savings tips others might say are “a little out there:”

  1. Get rid of your car entirely. Bike, walk, or use public transportation. You’ll also save on maintenance, insurance, and gas costs. That could be thousands over the course of the year.
  2. Dust your light bulbs. Dust can cut your light output up to 25%.
  3. Buy large quantities of food to reduce car trips to the store. We’re talking like duffel-bag size here. You may spend a few hundred, but you’ll use that anyway and you’ll save on gasoline now.
  4. Use the smallest pots and pans possible when cooking because it takes more energy to heat larger ones.
  5. Never take a bath so you can save water. Don’t worry – you won’t smell awful. Take a shower instead because that uses much less water. And, less crazy, install low-flow shower heads.
  6. Turn your furnace down during winter and use a heat lamp to keep yourself warm instead.
  7. Wait until the weekend to do your laundry because that’s when electricity is cheapest.
  8. Eat fruits and vegetables instead of meat. Not only do they cost much less per pound (up to 70 cents per pound compared to several dollars for various kinds of meat), but you’ll cut down on the energy that contributes to climate change. It’s one of those “big-picture” energy savings techniques.
  9. Negotiate with your boss to work 4 10-hour days weekly instead of 5 8-hour days. This can be a tough negotiation, depending on the boss. But if you get it, you’ll cut 20% off the gas and car maintenance expenses you would otherwise have. Plus, you’ll save on food too by eating at home instead of eating out with coworkers or clients.
  10. Use your iPhone to help you out. Doesn’t sound so extreme at first. But you can go pretty far into depth with this one. There’s iPhone apps for gas, driving, car maintenance, traveling, mass transportation, carpooling, home energy use, and greener shopping. And lots of them. You’re sure to save energy with them all.

So there you have it – 10 (actually many more) extreme ways to save energy.

Ready? Go get’em!

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