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Energy Rates in Texas – Lower Your Numbers in the Lone Star State with These 5 Easy Tips

Much like the climate, energy rates in Texas are rarely comfortable. Most of our state is engulfed in humidity or dry heat more than half of the year, making it essential to have a high-powered air conditioner and plenty of electricity to run it. With the need for our homes to generate cool air at a constant rate, how do we beat the heat without breaking the bank?

The answer is simple, with these 5 easy tips you can apply right now:

  1. Use More Fans – Don’t leave all the hard work to your air conditioner. By installing ceiling fans and box fans, you’ll be able to generate less electricity-burning air flow that will cool your skin, easily evaporating sweat and increasing heat convection into the room. You might be surprised by how cool your house will remain when you let the AC have a little break.
  2. Strategize Switches – A common sense rule, just turn off the lights in a room when you’re not using it. Doing so could save you up to $274 a year. Switching out ten 60-watt light bulbs with compact fluorescents may save you an additional $123 per year. And just like turning off the lights, you’ll also want to turn off your fans or dial up your AC when you leave the house for more than a couple hours. There’s no sense cooling a house you’re not occupying.
  3. Use Heat-Generating Appliances in the Evening – If you like to bake, run the dishwasher, and dry your clothes all during the day, change your habits now to save significantly. By operating heat-generating appliances during the heat of the day, you only make your AC work harder to keep cool air chugging throughout your home. Save these activities for the evening when its cooler, and you’ll see dollar signs decrease on your bill.
  4. Care for Your Air Conditioner – For Texans, our air conditioners are vital. Your machine works hard to keep you cool, so reward it with annual service checkups from a professional right before the hot season boils up. Also, make sure you’re replacing the air filter monthly with a high-quality media filter. By investing a little extra into your AC, you’ll extend its life exponentially.
  5. Unplug Devices – You’ve probably heard this tip before, but it’s sound advice: unplug your devices when you’re finished with them to save on electricity. Referred to as “phantom power,” your devices silently suck energy from your home and money from your bank account. According to energy.gov, phantom power accounts for more than 10% of your monthly bill. And that adds up!

Get significant savings when you follow these tips to lower your energy rates in Texas. SHOP RATES with Payless Power today for money-saving energy plans, or to ask our customer service reps about more ways you can drive down your bill.
Sources: http://energy.gov/articles/are-energy-vampires-sucking-you-dry

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